Mars-Midheaven Aspects In The Natal Chart

mars-midheaven aspects in the natal chart

Mars represents ambition, action, and energy, though it also rules aggression and anger.

When Mars aspects the Midheaven, it indicates to what extent these qualities will show up in your public life and in your career, for better or worse.

Mars Conjunct Midheaven

Mars conjunct Midheaven is also called Mars culminating. This placement means that you are determined to do things your own way.

With Mars conjunct Midheaven, you are ambitious, competitive, and great at taking initiative. You make your life what you want it.

If someone tries to stop you from reaching your goals, you won’t hesitate to take action. Mars conjunct Midheaven gives you the want to succeed and a lot of drive in the area of your career.

Mars conjunct Midheaven can also mean that you make split minute decisions. You tend to take action quickly and may enjoy a certain amount of risk-taking in your career, mainly because you aren’t afraid to do something.

You identify with your goals and your career. You may get angry if anyone tries to insult you or questions your actions, so you may need to control your temper in the professional sphere.

With Mars conjunct Midheaven, you need a career that allows you to be independent and burn energy. However, this can be mental or physical exercise. You simply need a good degree of liveliness in your career.

You’re very good at overcoming challenges, though your ambition may seem kind of intense. Mars conjunct Midheaven makes you very competitive in work and when cultivating your image.

In fact, you’ll take the steps necessary to create the image that you want. However, others will definitely see you as action-oriented and competitive, regardless of the image you want to show.

With Mars conjunct Midheaven, you’re a naturally strong leader. These skills can be honed further if you want to sharpen your leadership abilities.

Ultimately, Mars conjunct Midheaven gives you a strong sense of energy and purpose. Learn how to channel that energy into areas that will bring you true success instead of using it haphazardly.

If you tend to get angry, focus on channeling your anger into effectively work habits and you will go far in your career.

Mars Trine Midheaven

With Mars trine Midheaven, you are enthusiastic and confidence, especially when it comes to your career. You know where you want to go.

This aspect means that you set large goals for yourself because you are confident you will succeed. You naturally have a stronger sense of drive than others.

Typically, Mars trine Midheaven means that you experienced pain, abuse, or rather extreme conditions when you were young. This could be quite intense, or could have been as simple as your parents being harsh or strict.

From a young age, you know what you want and will work hard to get it. The way that you work hard depends specifically on the signs that the Mars trine Midheaven aspect is in.

With Mars trine Midheaven, you receive your ambition from a challenge. You need a job that provides you with stimulation and variation in order to channel this Martian energy.

However, Mars trine Midheaven also means that you strongly value independence. You may do well working for yourself, and at least need to have independence in your career.

Mars trine Midheaven tends to be a naturally successful placement. Though you can come across as aggressive or even a bit jumpy to others because you’re always trying something new, you are also active, motivated, and focused on self-improvement.

You will always push to do better. However, the signs of the aspect will show how you push and how this energy flows.

Mars Sextile Midheaven

Mars sextile Midheaven means that you are ambitious and work hard to success. You tend to have a strong sense of confidence in yourself and your life’s direction.

However, you must make sure that you actually focus this energy. You have a lot of active energy with Mars sextile Midheaven, but it can be a bit erratic.

Unlike the trine, you must work to apply your energy to things that will actually help you succeed. Mars sextile Midheaven means that you have the opportunity to develop these skills.

Your focus may bounce around, which will make you unsuccessful. Practice focused on what will help you succeed and over time this becomes more naturally.

With Mars sextile Midheaven, you must work to create clear objectives and then follow through. You certainly have the capacity to take the initiative and can be very successful in the long term.

Mars Opposition Midheaven

With Mars opposition Midheaven, the way that you grew up influences how drive you are in your career.

During your childhood, you learned to apply your drive and your passion to matters that are internal rather than external. This means that your goal-oriented behavior happens most at home or behind the scenes.

With Mars opposition Midheaven, Mars tends to be hidden. You may have a talent for seeing patterns that others don’t recognize, or picking up on hidden clues. This can be helpful in your career.

You may also work in a position that isn’t obvious to others, such as the camera man behind the film, yet you’re probably very good at your job.

Mars opposition Midheaven means that you have the goal-directed energy, you must simply learn how to channel it. You may experience a lack of confidence in your drive due to lessons you learned in your childhood.

In order to move forward and succeed, you must unlearn these lessons and grow your confidence in yourself. This is how you will discover your sense of purpose.

Typically, people with Mars opposition Midheaven don’t need public achievement or recognition to feel satisfied. With this placement, you may be content with simply doing the work rather than being outwardly recognized for it.

In general, you can succeed by creating a satisfying inner life. Use your drive to heal your self-esteem issues created in childhood, and then you can look forward.

You have a strong sense of drive to make your inner world better. With Mars opposition Midheaven, you can hone your personal relationships and create the home you want.

It may be hard for you to get invested in a career if you don’t feel personally connected to the work. In fact, personal connection is the only thing that drives you.

Mars opposition Midheaven is all about using your drive to heal your wounds from childhood before then applying that same motivation to the outside world. If you feel blocked in the world, this is a sign that you still need to do work on the inside first.

Mars Square Midheaven

With Mars square Midheaven, you immediate desires tend to prevent you from achieving longterm success.

This aspect indicates that you have the tendency to be short-sighted. When others tell you to slow down and consider all the factors, you may get aggressive and feel that they’re trying to hurt you.

In reality, Mars square Midheaven means that you do need to slow down and look at the facts.

However, you have a strong spirit and a sense of independence with Mars square Midheaven. You also have a strong desire to achieve things and may be quite ambitious.

You simply need to channel these qualities into long-term action rather than short-term. You tend to get overwhelmed by what you want in the moment. With a bit of practice, you can learn to hold off until you know you’re doing the right thing from a logical perspective.

With Mars square Midheaven, you are competitive and direct, yet this can come across as being bullying or demanding towards others. You probably have difficult relationships with those you work with.

This placement makes it easy for you to earn a bad reputation. When you feel like someone criticizes you, your reaction tends to be impulsive or angry, which makes these relationships even worse.

It’s easy for you to earn a bad reputation when you’re trying to speak up for yourself or put your goals into action.

Over time, you will learn that confrontation only complicates your problems. You must learn not to let aggression or competition get in the way of your long-term goals.

With Mars square Midheaven, you ultimately must focus your drive towards your goals and let go of how others see you. People may never view you in the manner you want, especially concerning your public image, but this will cease to matter when you direct your energy towards achieving your own goals.

Learn the difference between someone who is trying to help you versus someone who wants to dominate you, and your relationships with those you work with will slowly improve over time.