Venus-Saturn Aspects In The Synastry Chart

venus-saturn aspects in synastry

Though Venus and Saturn are two fundamentally different planets, aspects between them in the synastry chart can make for a strong and longterm relationship.

I often find that these planets represent people who truly desire a deep bond, but there is sometimes a struggle in the way that this is obtained. Saturn is often strict and cold, while Venus is spontaneous and fun-loving.

At their best, this couple shows each other how to meet in the middle, but at their worst, they try to change the other person and eventually break apart.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Synastry

With the Venus conjunct Saturn synastry aspect, both people feel a strong and immediate attraction. However, the relationship can start to feel monotonous or boring much more quickly than other partnerships.

In fact, the Venus conjunct Saturn synastry aspect indicates that even the honeymoon phase might feel sort of lackluster. The relationship is probably quite steady, but it’s not exciting. 

This is the couple that quickly falls into a routine though they barely know each other. Often, the Saturn person is the driver of routine and predictability.

With the Venus conjunct Saturn synastry aspect, this predictability can happen in just about any area of life. It may show up in daily routines, as boring conversations that are always the same, or this may be the couple who hangs out with the exact same friends every weekend.

This relationship can be very stable and safe, but it can also feel boring or predictable.

The Saturn person will help to keep the Venus person’s emotions and ideas stable, but they can quickly go overboard if they aren’t careful. Too much of this control causes the Venus person to feel stifled.

Some people really enjoy the Venus conjunct Saturn synastry relationship because it enhances trust between the couple. They know what to expect from each other – there are no surprises.

This can be a big reason why the couple stays together, even when the fun is gone. Loyalty and commitment are huge in this relationship. Many people stay simply because it’s safe.

The Saturn person can sometimes come across as cold or authoritarian. At their worst, they attempt to restrict the freedom of the Venus person and become more like a parent figure.

The Venus person may appreciate some of the Saturn person’s rigidity, usually in an “opposites attract” sort of way, but they can also feel restricted, especially socially. 

Over time, the Venus person can get depressed from being around the Saturn individual. They might just want more fun in their life and could feel that they have lost their spark.

However, the Venus person will also recognize that the Saturn person will provide true security, yet they probably feel like part of their personality gets rejected when Saturn sets cold rules. They end up compromising their inner light in order to feel secure.

The Venus conjunct Saturn synastry relationship can really change the Venus person over time, especially if the Saturn person is overbearing. It’s important that the Venus person learns to work with the Saturn person without losing the part of themself that is spontaneous and fun loving.

Keep in mind that the sign that Venus is in will influence this dynamic. If Venus sits in a more serious sign (like Capricorn or Virgo), then the restrictions from Saturn will feel more comfortable for Venus. If Venus sits in a flighty or independent sign (like Sagittarius or Leo), then Venus will struggle against these restrictions.

Saturn must learn to compromise so that the relationship doesn’t start to feel like a prison for Venus. In fact, Saturn can actually learn how to loosen up and be spontaneous from the Venus individual, too.

If the relationship gets to the point where the Venus person is afraid to say what’s on their mind, then big changes must be made in order for the relationship to survive.

The Saturn person must also be able to express when they feel that the Venus person is acting overly emotional or childish (without being hurtful or cold) so that they can still meet their own needs.

The Venus person must learn how to speak logically with the Saturn person instead of acting irrational or changeable. In extreme cases, the Venus person can be emotional erratic or immature. If these issues are present, then the Venus person will also have work to do and must learn how to be emotionally honest without going from 0 to 100.

Ultimately, the Venus conjunct Saturn synastry relationship involves a lot of compromise. The Venus person will feel as though they lose a bit of personal freedom while the the Saturn person may feel like their world is out of whack due to the Venus person’s changeability. However, both people can learn a lot from this relationship if they’re willing to put the emotional work in.

This is an interesting relationship because they’re usually attracted to these opposite qualities in each other, yet they also feel unhinged when the other person acts so differently from them.

If the Venus person is able to show the Saturn person some appreciation, then the Saturn person is often more willing to compromise. Venus will also be willing to compromise if Saturn can try to have some fun with them.

The Venus conjunct Saturn synastry relationship can work if both people are willing to change and adjust to what their spouse needs. Over time, they can have a relationship that feels secure and fun.

Venus must work with Saturn’s limitations for dates, plans, routines, etc., but Saturn must also be willing to go out of their comfort zone, which can make them feel very insecure.

In fact, Saturn’s insecurity is usually covered up by intense discipline, yet this relationship can be the very opportunity they need to work through their inner issues. Venus quite literally uncovers Saturn’s insecurities.

The Venus conjunct Saturn synastry aspect can make each person grow by leaps and bounds as they are forced to let go of control. They can each learn how to be vulnerable with each other if they’re willing to truly learn about how the other person is and why they need certain things in the relationship.

Both people feel unworthy of love at their core. It’s essential that they learn how to open up and truly show love and affection for each other so that they can feel accepted in this Venus conjunct Saturn synastry relationship.

In fact, they must learn to love things about the other person that may be different from themselves. These differences can be celebrated and this couple can create a relationship that is diverse and growth-oriented.

Ultimately, what the Venus person truly wants from the Saturn person is emotional intimacy. If Saturn is able to open up and explain why they feel a certain way, the Venus person’s perspective will change completely.

This aspect suggests that both people have a karmic fear of rejection which must be healed. They each feel that their fundamental natures will be rejected by the other, however they must first learn how to accept themselves and then accept these differences in each other.

Sometimes, this couple had past lives together and created this wounds together, while other times they simply have similar issues and come together in order to heal.

Regardless of past lives, the Venus conjunct Saturn synastry couple has a chance to learn that they are worthy of love and that they can accept someone who is different from them once they feel accepted in return.

Venus Trine Saturn Synastry

With the Venus trine Saturn synastry aspect, both people feel naturally committed to each other from the start.

The Saturn person may become the provider and create some sort of structure in the relationship. Meanwhile, the Venus person will stimulate fun and creativity, bringing happiness and spontaneity to the Saturn person that can help them to feel lighter.

Unlike other placements, with the Venus trine Saturn synastry aspect, Venus probably won’t feel bogged down by the more rigid approach of Saturn. In fact, Saturn can be a grounding force for Venus, which is beneficial.

The Venus person may even enjoy this side of the Saturn individual because they know that they can always trust Saturn, no matter what.

The Venus trine Saturn synastry aspect definitely creates an opposites attract sort of relationship, but it usually works. The flow of energy is simply natural.

The relationship feels very safe, especially for the Venus person. There is an innate sense of compromise here because each person knows that they’re different from the other but that they can work together.

Both people will be willing to make an effort in order for the relationship to last. This isn’t to say that there aren’t problems, but more-so that both people are willing to work through any issues.

With the Venus trine Saturn synastry aspect, it’s important to work together to overcome any differences. Don’t ignore the more unpleasant aspects of the relationship, but actively dig into any issues in order to understand each other.

This Venus trine Saturn synastry aspect definitely indicates that both parties will naturally learn lessons through this relationship. Saturn will teach Venus how to become more grounded while Venus will teach Saturn to loosen up and speak what’s on their mind, to express their emotions.

Sometimes, this aspect can be karmic (if the couple had past lives together), but many of these lessons have already been learned in a past life. Now, the couple gets to integrate these lessons learned into their life and reap the benefits.

Venus Sextile Saturn Synastry

The Venus sextile Saturn synastry aspect indicates strong feelings of commitment from the very beginning. These people are likely to feel that they are friends as well as partners.

Both people respect each other and easily slip into their roles in the relationship. They are opposites in some ways yet they compliment each other.

Saturn will bring reality and practicality to the relationship while Venus will bring optimism, lightness, and fun. If the other aspects in the chart support this relationship, then the couple can truly complement each other!

However, with the Venus sextile Saturn synastry relationship, both people may need to work to pull these qualities out of each other in a positive way. Saturn can learn how to provide stability without being overwhelming and Venus can learn how to be fun without being too emotionally reactive.

The Saturn person will show their love in quiet, dependable ways, but this helps the Venus person trust in the Saturn person’s loyalty and dedication. Saturn may be more traditional in the relationship, which Venus probably enjoys.

Meanwhile, the Venus person will be the romantic and fun-loving partner. Saturn will really appreciate this sense of spontaneity that Venus brings to the relationship.

Venus Opposition Saturn Synastry

With the Venus opposition Saturn synastry aspect, the couple feels as though they know each other immediately. This can be an almost overwhelming feeling.

Often, this relationship indicates a deep karmic connection from a past life together, but there is also healing that must be done in the relationship.

Like most opposition aspects, the Venus opposite Saturn synastry aspect can be glue in a relationship. However, it also indicates that there are obstacles to overcome should this couple choose to stay together.

Both people may want something that they never really get in this relationship, yet they remain hopeful that they could get the things they want. Because of this, the relationship can go on for years.

Whether or not they realize it, what both people desire is true emotional intimacy and unconditional acceptance.

In the Venus opposition Saturn synastry relationship, the Saturn person may struggle to change. They can be very authoritative and can try to force the Venus person to become who they want them to be.

The Saturn person can see the natural light that is in Venus, yet they can’t seem to loosen up. This can cause friction because both people have opposite ways of doing things.

When Venus feels happy and light about something, the Saturn person can put the Venus person down or show disdain. It’s important that the Saturn person loosens up and tries to see things from Venus’s point of view.

Saturn may feel that their rules are always right and employ black or white thinking. This can be really difficult, but if Saturn doesn’t learn to temper their authoritarian ways, they can loose Venus’s light.

Usually, the Saturn person is strict because they have deep fears. The Venus person can sometimes help them to work through these fears, but Saturn must be ready to do the work. If Saturn refuses, the relationship will certainly struggle.

Meanwhile, the Venus person needs to understand the limits of Saturn. This will go more smoothly if Venus is in a practical sign, such as Capricorn or Virgo, and will be more difficult if Venus is mutable.

In the Venus opposite Saturn synastry relationship, compromise is absolutely necessary. These people can find a middle ground if they’re both willing to do the work.

Neither should get too caught up in their own needs. Instead, they must learn how to balance their needs with those of their partner’s so that everyone feels fulfilled.

Venus Square Saturn Synastry

With the Venus square Saturn synastry aspect, Venus may feel that Saturn is cold or harsh. This can be a bit threatening.

Saturn must learn how to convey their criticisms in a less judgmental way. In fact, Saturn may judge Venus for all of the things that Venus likes about themselves, so the Venus square Saturn synastry relationship can really damage Venus’s self esteem.

It’s very important that Saturn realizes that Venus has feelings. Saturn must learn a good dose of empathy in this partnership.

Meanwhile, Saturn may also feel very anxious about losing the relationship or losing Venus. The Saturn person must learn how to become secure within themselves or they can start to act too restrictive towards Venus.

Sometimes in the Venus opposition Saturn synastry relationship, both people can feel like the world wants to keep them apart in some way. Maybe others don’t condone the relationship, or maybe external circumstances make it hard to stay together.

This relationship usually represents a past life together that created some sort of wound or hurt. Often, there were harsh judgments between this couple that has carried over into the current lifetime.

The Saturn person has an inability to give the Venus person what they need. Often, Venus ends up being unsatisfied and resentful of Saturn.

Sometimes, this is just because Saturn is truly set in their ways and can’t even see how Venus is different, but Venus can still feel suffocated or even depressed around the Saturn person. 

Venus might feel that Saturn is unsympathetic or cold, but Saturn could feel that Venus is childish, undisciplined, and immature in some way.

It’s important that the Venus square Saturn synastry couple actively avoids falling into this negative cycle. When they start to feel critical of each other, this is a sign to step back and worth through these judgements before they affect the relationship.

Both people must remain committed to each other but they also need to learn how to have fun so that neither feels suffocated.

The Saturn person should focus on being non-judgmental and learning about why the Venus person is a certain way. They need to celebrate the Venus person for being exactly who they are.

Meanwhile, the Venus person should focus on honoring the boundaries that the Saturn person sets and learning why specific commitments or routines are so important to Saturn.

The Venus square Saturn synastry aspect can actually benefit the Venus person over the long term, even though it can feel painful. Saturn, at their best, can be a steadying influence towards Venus that really helps Venus to evolve and mature.

If this relationship doesn’t get out of hand, then both people can actually enhance the lives of the other, but it’s essential that they do this through non-judgment.

The biggest issue in the Venus square Saturn synastry relationship is that both Saturn and Venus tend to judge without trying to understand. If they instead ask each other questions from a place of wanting to learn rather than judge, then they will come to embrace the differences between them.

If you have the Venus square Saturn synastry aspect, remember that both people can have different viewpoints on the same conversation or event and both viewpoints will be valid.

Learn to say, “I felt that this was…” rather than “this was…” and ask the same of your partner. Arguing about the facts of something won’t help you here because you see the world in fundamentally different ways.

Ultimately, you must learn to temper each other and become more flexible without trying to control.

Saturn may believe that their judgments are fair because they see Venus as superficial or flighty, while Venus feels that Saturn truly is cold. Underneath, none of this is true, but you must dig deep to reach those layers instead of reacting with judgments. 

Again, these judgments will only dissipate through honest understanding.