Moon-Mars Aspects In The Synastry Chart

moon-mars aspects in the synastry chart

Moon-Mars aspects can be really exciting, emotional, and sexually magnetic, but they can also cause a lot of tension and arguments in a relationship.

Typically, the Moon person is more emotional in the relationship while the Mars person is more action-oriented or fiery.

At best, the Moon person provides a secure home base for the Mars person to take action from, while the Mars person adds spice to the relationship through actions, ideas, and a general fiery energy.

Moon Conjunct Mars Synastry

If you have the Moon conjunct Mars synastry aspect, then you probably have a bit of a fiery relationship. In fact, the fiery energy of Mars is initially attracted to the Moon person, though it can grow to be too much over time.

I find that the Moon is always important when it comes up in synastry. The Moon person is usually looking for some sort of emotional intimacy and security, and this is especially apparent with the Moon conjunct Mars synastry aspect.

You have a strong initial attraction with this aspect that can be quite sexual. In fact, the chemistry for any couple with the Moon conjunct Mars synastry aspect is usually off the charts.

However, you may feel emotionally intimate quick quickly, too. There is a strong sense of fascination between you and your partner, yet there is also the sense that you’re very different. After all, the Moon and Mars are literally opposite planets.

Initially, that creates a lot of interest. Opposites attract! This is a passionate relationship but can also be too much for people who don’t like the intensity.

Sometimes, the Mars person sees the Moon person as a kind of mothering figure. This can make them want children with the Moon person but can also cause the Mars person to just want more of the Moon person’s loving, caring nature.

However, the Moon person can really appreciate the energy that the Mars person brings to the Moon conjunct Mars synastry relationship. The Mars person is usually the one who initiates activities or has more energy in some way.

Though there are many exciting parts of this relationship, the couple probably needs more gentle aspects in the synastry chart as well for this relationship to work.

There can be a lot of tension in the Moon conjunct Mars synastry relationship. Sometimes, Mars may be too aggressive or spiky (often in the manner of the sign that Mars is in) and this can hurt the Moon person.

The Moon conjunct Mars synastry relationship can also indicate a power imbalance. The Moon person can feel too emotionally vulnerable compared to the Mars person and can easily be hurt.

Keep in mind that the Moon person doesn’t always seem like the vulnerable person to outsiders. These dynamics exist specifically in the relationship.

The Moon person may need security or quiet and can struggle because the Mars person is always in motion. This can make the Moon person feel emotionally unstable or it may simply annoy them.

The Moon person can also start to feel like the Mars person isn’t sensitive to their feelings or comes on too strong when they are looking for a bit of sensitivity.

The sign will show how this Moon conjunct Mars synastry aspect will play out. For example, Mars may be more aggressive if the conjunction is in Aries, while there may be more passive-aggressive behavior and issues in the relationship with the conjunction in Libra.

Regardless of the sign, there can definitely be a lot of hurt feelings in the Moon conjunct Mars synastry relationship, especially on the side of the Moon person. Both people have some trouble being totally logical because this relationship is just so fiery and emotional.

Ultimately, the Moon conjunct Mars synastry relationship is fiery, passionate, and emotional, but it can also be really rocky and different because passions run so high.

For the relationship to work, the Mars person must learn how to be more supportive of the Moon person’s emotions. They may tend to bulldoze the Moon person or might just forget to think of their emotions, but they need to learn how to see the world from the Moon person’s point of view.

Meanwhile, the Moon person must deal with their emotions in a healthy way (possibly by developing better coping mechanisms) and try to work with the Mars person to figure out their emotions instead of attacking them.

If both people are willing to do the work and there are other, gentler aspects that temper the relationship, then the Moon conjunct Mars synastry relationship can be really exciting and passionate! Both people must be simply willing to work as a team and learn about their differences in a constructive way.

Moon Trine Mars Synastry

With the Moon trine Mars synastry relationship, there is an instant and deep attraction. You may be both sexually and emotionally drawn to your partner, and this is simply natural when you first meet.

In fact, this trine is a really powerful indicator of attraction on all levels. You may even be fascinated with each other, as if you just cannot get the other person out of your mind.

Both individuals in the Moon trine Mars synastry relationship learn about what they need through the partnership. The Moon person will usually spurn the Mars person into action, causing them to learn about what makes them move, while the Moon person will learn emotional growth from the Mars person.

However, the Moon trine Mars synastry relationship can be a bit up and down, even though the trine is very positive. Both people have really instinctual reactions to each other that can cause a bit of fire to erupt.

For the most part, the relationship is easy if not a little spontaneous. The couple might have some tense or flaming moments, but the excitement between them can remain, too.

The Mars person can sometimes see the Moon person as weak, sheltered, or naive. Sometimes, this can annoy the Mars person, while other times it causes them to go overboard sheltering the Moon person further.

Meanwhile, the Moon person might try to stop the Mars person from acting. The Mars person’s actions triggers the Moon person’s emotions, and if these emotions are negative, then this can cause a reaction. This will be especially difficult if the Moon person has issues with this specific placement (relating to their feelings, insecurities, or childhood trauma with the mother).

Even though the Moon trine Mars synastry aspect is good, it can also be hard. It’s important that both people are emotionally mature and remain conscious of their own actions, specifically when their actions affect the other person.

The Moon person must be careful that they don’t go overboard emotionally, especially in the sign of the Moon. They may want to become emotionally controlling, act out, or start fights, but they need to learn how to control their emotions and deal with them (with their partner) instead of stuffing them down.

Meanwhile, the Mars person must learn to slow down and show empathy to the Moon person. They probably don’t understand why the Moon person feels a certain way, but instead of pushing past the issue, they must take the initiative to sit down and figure it out.

The Moon trine Mars synastry relationship can be really exciting and passionate as long as both people are emotionally mature and willing to work together!

Moon Sextile Mars Synastry

With the Moon sextile Mars synastry aspect, you may have an exciting relationship, which is usually quite positive.

The Moon sextile Mars synastry aspect won’t create a huge amount of compatibility on its own, but it will definitely add some spice and excitement to your relationship.

This aspect will also adds a good deal of sexual chemistry and general attraction.

However, the Moon sextile Mars synastry aspect can add fuel to a fire if the relationship is difficult. It can generate some emotional volatility and anger.

At best, the couple uses this aspect to develop a sense of emotional excitement and passion in the relationship. The couple must try to actually foster this (it won’t come naturally) but the aspect does provide the initial spark for a fiery relationship.

The Moon person can nurture the Mars person and give them the emotional platform that they need to go out into the world and take action. They can also be a calming presence to Mars.

Meanwhile, the Mars person can encourage the Moon person and help them to get out of their shell, to be their most authentic self.

The Moon person probably enjoys when the Mars person takes initiative in the relationship or tries new things, too.

The Moon sextile Mars synastry aspect can even be expanded upon by working to make the relationship feel exciting through understanding more about each other’s emotions. 

Moon Opposition Mars Synastry

With the Moon opposition Mars synastry aspect, you probably have a really strong physical and emotional attraction, but the relationship can also be volatile.

You are probably quick to get angry with each other but might also let things go just as quickly. This aspect means that you both react very strongly and can be extremely impulsive.

With the Moon opposition Mars synastry aspect, you struggle to find a compromise. You may feel that you can never see eye to eye. However, you also might have really strong sexual chemistry and can be compatible in the ways that flourish with a bit of fire.

This aspect can bring together two people who are otherwise incompatible, which can actually be a bit dangerous since the strong yet volatile attraction isn’t enough to create a happy relationship.

Both people probably believe that they’re right in just about every area and struggle to compromise.

The Mars person may be the one who fights for what they want, while the Moon person might fight in a more subtle, emotional way or try to mold the Mars person into their ideal partner.

Both the Moon person and the Mars person may walk away from their (frequent) fights with hurt feelings. They each hurt the other when they last out and feel like they’re always on different emotional levels.

The Mars person might feel like the Moon person doesn’t provide a secure, emotional base. In fact, they can almost feel like the Moon person’s emotions are topsy-turvy.

Meanwhile, the Moon may feel that the Mars person never takes action in a way that makes them feel emotionally fulfilled. The Mars person’s actions probably make the Moon person feel insecure most of the time.

The Moon person may also feel that the Mars person is selfish or ignores their needs. Mars might think that the Moon person is just too sensitive, which they tend to ignore.

However, as with any aspect, the Moon opposition Mars synastry relationship can work. Both people must become emotionally mature and learn how to label their feelings so that they can start to understand how the other person feels.

Neither person can understand the other unless they dig deep into their emotions. Their minds function differently, so they must have the want to really understand each other and be willing to change once they do.

Moon Square Mars Synastry

If you have the Moon square Mars synastry aspect, you may find that the Moon person takes out their complains and emotional frustrations on the Mars person. This usually happens because Mars tends to make the Moon person feel unusually dependent, which they don’t like.

The Mars person draws out any neediness in the Moon person, which can make them fearful or depressed. Over time, they may shut down emotionally to stop this from happening or pretend that their feelings don’t exist. The relationship threatens the emotional walls that they have built up.

This emotional rollercoaster can be really exhausting for the Moon person. However, the Mars person doesn’t understand why the Moon person can’t just push back. The Mars person tends to take action and they simply don’t see the emotional vulnerability in the Moon person.

With the Moon square Mars synastry aspect, it’s hard for both people to relax when together. Resentment builds up over time and the relationship can start to feel really tense.

The Mars person can be really encouraging of the Moon person if they learn to slow down and listen to the emotional issues that are being triggered within the Moon person. They must also learn how to slow down and work on tempering their actions that don’t take the Moon person into account.

However, with this Moon square Mars synastry aspect, it’s really important that the Moon person is willing to do the emotional work and figure out why their neediness and emotional issues are being triggered. 

The Moon person can really make or break the relationship with the Moon square Mars synastry aspect. If they can work on their coping mechanisms and open up, then this relationship can blossom and be quite passionate.