Chiron in Taurus: The Wound Of Loss

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The astrological influence of the asteroid Chiron is pretty huge. This is surprising to many modern students of astrology, because the discovery of Chiron is so new, but it has such a large impact on our lives that it can’t be overlooked.

I really believe that analyzing a birth chart without taking Chiron into consideration will not give you a clear picture of a person.

Chiron is a lifelong wound, something that we will come back to over and over, so it’s worth more than just a simple glance.

Chiron in Taurus is an especially interesting placement. Taurus is all about material possessions, routines, sensuality, and stability, and Chiron can show a wound having to do with any of these staples.

The Chironic wound in Taurus is something that will absolutely show up in someone’s life, and a piece of the natal chart that deserves to be addressed.

The Chiron in Taurus Wound

There are a few ways that the Chiron in Taurus wound can manifest itself. Taurus is all about values, sensuality, material possessions, and moving slowly yet consistently through life. Typically, Chiron in Taurus will manifest as an insecurity in one of these areas.

The person with Chiron in Taurus will be afraid of losing something, whether it be safety, money, possessions, abundance, or love. The typical Chiron in Taurus will go to any lengths to avoid losing their home, their routine, the people close to them, their favorite possessions, their money, etc. Even if everything seems very permanent in their life, they will always be scared of some unexpected loss.

What the specific person with the placement will be scared of losing depends on the house that Chiron falls in and the aspects associated with it. If Chiron has difficult aspects with the moon, for example, the individual may have some fear of losing emotional security or something to do with the mother (depending on where the moon is). If Chiron shows in the 11th house, the individual may be afraid of losing friends or freedom, while Chiron in the 6th house will point to a fear that daily routines will be lost.

Those with Chiron in Taurus are always searching for safety and security (in any given area) through material possessions and values, but they never feel totally secure, because material possessions just aren’t fulfilling enough.

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How This Wound Will Show Itself

This deep-seated fear of loss can show itself in a few different ways. The person may try to cling to security by setting strict guidelines with themselves and others, hoarding items/values/security, or demanding things from others (whether this is physically or emotionally) in order to feel safe.

This could be the typical Taurus who avoids all risks, lives an extremely frugal lifestyle, and refuses to give. Alternatively, the person could become a little extreme while trying to live the “good life” and surrounding themselves with material comforts so that they never feel they lack anything.

Sometimes, this wound will be about how the individual appears to the world. They may want to be seen as beautiful, or smart, or important in some way, and have an intense fear of being ordinary. This is all the same wound: they are afraid of being nothing to the world, and experiencing some sort of lack due to this; they need the admiration to keep going and are afraid of having to face themselves and what they feel they lack inside. They may go to any lengths to keep those important to them around.

Like most Chironic wounds, the expression can go to either extreme (living extremely frugally or becoming a spendthrift). How the person actually expresses the wound depends on their own psychology and other factors in the chart, but it all stems from the same initial hurt inside.

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Where Does the Wound Come From?

Usually, this wound is creating by experiencing an intense lack of something. This could have happened in a past life or in the present life, and could result from many different situations.

If you have your Chiron in Taurus, at some point, you were severely deprived, whether of physical, emotional, or spiritual properties. There are many ways this could have played out. You may have grown up poor, or lost your parents early, or had parents who provided the necessary things but neglected you emotionally. Look to where you most feel neglected or deprived, and you will be able to answer what created your Chiron.

Even if you didn’t experience any lack in your current life, think of what you’re subconsciously scared to lose (it might not make any sense) and see if that fits into your chart. A lot of times with Chiron, you have to go with your gut.

Sometimes someone’s Chiron is very obviously created during childhood, while other times it’s not at all obvious what caused it, but they still show the qualities of the Chiron (due to its cause in a past life).

How to Heal Chiron in Taurus

The path to healing is to realize that complete and utter security can’t be found in the material world. The individual with Chiron in Taurus is always trying to feel 100% safe through material things or other people, but this is impossible.

True security comes from trusting in the Universe. Learning about Universal Laws, enhancing your own connection with spirit and your guides, and developing your own set of values through spiritual work are what will slowly cause this person to feel secure.

In the end, the goal is to merge the physical with the spiritual and realize that we live in a world where both exist together. True abundance is something that we all already possess; we are already whole and complete, we have just forgotten this. Remembering is the first step to healing.

I often find that any kind of spiritual work helps someone with a wound in Taurus. The want and ability to believe in something greater and more important than the material world instantly begins the healing process,

Famous People With Chiron in Taurus + Analysis:

Surprisingly, Chiron in Taurus is a popular natal placement for celebrities. Some of my favorite actors and singers have Chiron in Taurus!

One key I’ve noticed is that most of these celebrities are concerned with amassing material possessions, being seen as someone beautiful and important in the world, and feeling secure. Some of them had traumatic childhoods that clearly caused this wound, while others probably brought it from a past life.

You will notice that some of these celebrities seem to have a fear of losing possessions, money, or control over their lives, while others probably have a fear of losing people or staples in their lives. Of course, they will all manifest differently depending on the exact placement.

These most famous of these people include:

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Martin Luther King
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Britney Spears
  • Kanye West
  • Heath Ledger
  • Paris Hilton
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Lil Wayne
  • John Mayer

Do you have a Chiron in Taurus and feel that this description is accurate? Let us know in the comments!