Chiron In Pisces: The Wound Of Faith

chiron in pisces

Chiron is known as the wounded healer in astrology. Even though he was able to heal others, he couldn’t treat his own injury. 

Your Chiron sign in astrology shows where you sustained your deepest wound. Chironic wounds can never be completely healed, but they can be worked with and transmuted for good.

Chiron in Pisces is an especially interesting placement because both Chiron and the sign of Pisces represent duality. There is a push-pull with this sign; you want to be “one” with the universe but also feel that you cannot be because of your human nature.

This duality also means that Chiron in Pisces manifests in one of two ways. Keep reading to find out which side of Chiron in Pisces you represent.

The Chiron In Pisces Wound

Chiron in Pisces is all about a loss of trust in the universe. With Chiron in Pisces, you don’t completely believe in the oneness of all that is.

In the first scenario, you have a deep fear of being hurt by the universe or the forces at play. You might feel that the world is unfair or merciless, or that you have been “left out to dry.”

Often, those with Chiron in Pisces have a sense of betrayal. You feel that the universe wasn’t there for you when you most needed the help. You may also feel a sense of victimization.

Chiron in Pisces has a lot to do with the idea of fate. Most individuals with Chiron in Pisces think, even subconsciously, that they were dealt an unfair hand in life.

If this is how you express your Chiron in Pisces sign then your biggest issue will be that you have emotionally disconnected. The pain you felt by this “rejection” from the universe overwhelmed you and you shut down.

Alternatively with Chiron in Pisces, you might feel like you’re not deserving of the energy of the universe. You probably feel the suffering of the world very deeply and find it easy to become stuck in your own suffering.

When someone feels pain, you feel it right alongside them. The pain of others is amplified but your own wounds are intensified, too. 

Even though you don’t victimize yourself in the traditional sense, you create a victim mentality by getting stuck in the pain of the world. You can’t understand why the universe is set up this way; you feel that the way of the world is unfair to you and to others.

Sometimes, someone with Chiron in Pisces can express qualities of both of these sides, but more often those with Chiron in Pisces tend to either fit into the first scenario or the second.

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How The Chironic Wound Will Show Itself

With Chiron in Pisces, depending on how you experience your pain, you will react in one of two ways.

Firstly, you may develop a hard shell of cynicism. You don’t have much empathy for others because you feel that the world and the universe had no empathy for you.

When feelings threaten to overwhelm you, it’s easier for you to shut them out. You may be very avoidant of people and situations that bother your or you may engage in escapist behaviors such as drinking, doing drugs, or other addictive behaviors.

Alternatively, you identify with the underdog. You try to always rescue others and have immense sympathy for anyone in the smallest amount of pain.

You may feel overwhelmed by your empathy; it’s easy for you to wallow in your feelings. You can also become a martyr, even emotionally, and cause a lot of suffering to yourself and those around you because of your wild emotions.

Sometimes, with Chiron in Pisces, you even idealize the suffering that you feel while being simultaneously horrified by it. You have no energetic barrier so the energy of others seeps right into you and influences how you act.

Sometimes, those with Chiron in Pisces express a bit of both of these qualities or swing back and forth between extreme cynicism and empathy.

Where Does The Chiron In Pisces Wound Come From?

Your Chiron in Pisces was created at some point in the past when you needed something badly and didn’t get it. You felt like the universe let you down and believed that you weren’t important.

These negative feelings created a deep wound surrounding your connectedness to the universe and your importance in the world. You felt less important than others.

Sometimes, the Chiron in Pisces wound stems from a past life, but it often has some roots in your childhood during this life, too.

Maybe you felt insignificant to your parents in some way. Perhaps your parents didn’t notice your accomplishments. Often, people find that their parents didn’t acknowledge their specialness or see how they fit into the world.

Look to the house to see where you most experienced Chiron in Pisces.

If you became wounded with Chiron in Pisces during a past life, then the events of your childhood only solidified your belief that the universe doesn’t have your back and that you really don’t have a purpose in the way that others do.

How to Heal Chiron in Pisces

Typically with Chiron in Pisces, you want to run away from the wound. Pisces is all about escapism and this certainly applies with the Chiron in Pisces placement.

There is simply no way to heal the Chiron in Pisces wound without turning around and facing it head on. You may need to re-live past experiences and go through the pain rather than around it.

The goal is to figure out what is true and what is false. You have some false beliefs about the universe and about your place in the world.

You may think that the universe/God (or your version of God) isn’t on your side or that you have been left behind. You may feel unimportant. The goal is to confront these negative beliefs and dig into them in a logical way.

Figure out why some of these false beliefs aren’t true. This can be quite a lot of work and self-reflection but is always worth it in the end.

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