Chiron In Virgo: The Wound Of Perfection

chiron in virgo

If you’re studying your Chiron placement, you will find that Chiron shows the area of your life or personality where you’re especially sensitive and vulnerable. This probably isn’t an area that you can avoid. This particular wound is really sensitive and really obvious to you, unlike other placements (such as Saturn or Lilith). Chiron in Virgo is an especially sensitive placement.

Many people try to overcompensate in the area where Chiron sits. There is a tendency to want to “make up for” the wound so that it isn’t obvious to others.

The Chiron In Virgo Wound

With Chiron in Virgo, you feel that there is something fundamentally wrong with you. This wound relates to your self-worth.

You might feel unclean, impure, fragmented, incomplete, or bad in some way. You probably get the sense that some fundamental piece of you was made incorrectly.

Sometimes, you will try to hide the Chiron in Virgo wound from the world, but you will always feel like there’s something wrong with you and worry that others can see it.

You search for wholeness and satisfaction. To get there, those with Chiron in Virgo usually try to “fix” themselves, but it is pretty difficult for these individuals to find the true road to healing.

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How The Chironic Wound Will Show Itself

If you have Chiron in Virgo, you probably try to achieve perfection because you want to fix whatever you feel is wrong with you. You try to deal with the Chironic wound by changing things that you feel are wrong or bad about yourself.

For example, someone with Chiron in Virgo might be really meticulous about hair, clothes, and looks. They might stay up on the latest fashions and would be horrified to show up to an event dressed “wrong.”

Alternatively, someone with Chiron in Virgo might be perfectionistic about the way that they speak to others. They might study social graces, learn easy conversation lines, etc., but if they mess up even once they feel like the world has crashed around them.

I find that Chiron in Virgo can also manifest as obsessive-compulsive disorder, or alternatively as extreme messiness and disorganization. Sometimes, an individual will swing back and forth between these extremes, or will struggle to integrate.

You might be critical of others, more-so than other Chiron signs, but this is really because Chiron in Virgo creates a huge amount of self-criticism. Sometimes, criticism of others is a self-defense mechanism if you have anxiety about judgements coming your way.

Chiron in Virgo is very black and white. You probably see things as good or bad, and it can be hard for you to develop shades of grey in everyday life.

Look to the house that your Chiron sits in for more information. With Chiron in Virgo in the 4th house, for example, you will feel as though there was something fundamentally wrong with you as a child; now, you may still feel that sense of uneasiness inside whenever your inner child pokes his/her head out. But with Chiron in the 7th house, you probably feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that you have relationships.

You’ll know when you figure out how your Chiron in Virgo manifests. You shouldn’t have to dig too deep to discover it, because your Chiron in something that has been present through your life and that causes continuous feelings of displeasure.

Regardless of how your Chiron in Virgo manifests, the main idea is that you try to control your life in some area. You might control the organization of your home, your relationships, your daily schedule, the way that you dress/look, or any other area. You will eventually realize that control is just a facade, for it doesn’t actually decrease the negative feelings that arise within you when your Chiron is activated. It’s simply the best coping mechanism that you’ve had.

Where Does The Chiron In Virgo Wound Come From?

I find that much of the time, people with this Chiron placement are born with some of these false beliefs about themselves. For example, you might have felt that there was something wrong with you from a very young age, but as you work your way through society and see other people’s judgments towards you, these views are only cemented.

Sometimes, the Chiron in Virgo wound is developed due to parental influences. Maybe your parents were extremely critical of you or treated you as though there was something fundamentally wrong with you. Other individuals have perfectly loving parents who are no more critical than is necessary, so this isn’t a rule.

I do find that natives with Chiron in Virgo saw their parents as critical, even if this wasn’t reality. These people are usually hyper-sensitive to slights, so they may have been crushed by the most subtle judgments projected from their parents.

Regardless of reality, I recommend that you work with the emotions that you felt and that you don’t diminish your feelings.

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How to Heal Chiron in Virgo

The thing about all Chiron signs is that you can never 100% heal them. The Chiron sign you’re born with will always be with you, and this is actually good because the wound is a part of who you are.

There isn’t any “getting over” the issues that Chiron reveals. Instead of trying to get rid of the wound, I recommend working to transmit the Chiron in Virgo wound to its highest potential by recognizing vulnerabilities and embracing them.

Over time with Chiron in Virgo, you will probably come to realize that regardless of how hard you try, you never feel as thought you adequately covered up the wound. It’s always there deep inside.

The goal with Chiron in Virgo is to integrate our persons into wholeness. There is already a perfect unity that exists within you and no part of you is bad, but Chiron in Virgo makes you feel separated and fragmented.

Instead of seeing some parts of yourself as good and others as bad, the healing path is to realize that every part of you has a purpose and to fully accept all sides of yourself.

It is only the illusion that says part of you is wrong. In fact, we all have parts of our personality and soul that contradict other parts, but these parts are all necessary to be our true selves. The goal is to love ourselves just as well are, good and bad parts alike.

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