5 Ways To Deal With Your Enemies Through Magic


When dealing with an enemy, most witches jump right to hexes or generally negative spells. While this is what feels good in the moment when you’re hurt, it doesn’t always give you the outcome you want.  A jinx or hex will make things difficult for your enemy, but it might not actually help you at all.

My goal is always to fix what’s going on with me, regardless of whether or not that affects my enemy. These are all spells that have brought me comfort and resolved situations with difficult people for the long haul. As Frank Sinatra said, the best revenge is massive success.

Now, I’m not saying you should never cast a jinx or a hex. If you’re really feeling that, then by all means go for it, but one of these other spells might help you resolve the situation in a way that gives you peace.

5. A Sweetening Jar

My first line of “defense” is actually to try and sweeten the person’s feelings towards me. A sweetening jar (also known as a honey jar or a sugar jar, depending on the base you want to use) will “sweeten” someone’s feelings towards you and help them to see all of your positive qualities.

If your issue is that the other person doesn’t like you (not that something irreparable happened), then start with a sweetening jar. It’s a relatively harmless spell that can be extremely effective. Read more on sweetening jars here.

4. A Freezer Spell

If there isn’t any chance of performing a sweetening jar spell or you would still have issues with your enemy even if they liked you, then consider a freezer spell. This spell will quite literally “freeze” someone out of your life. It’s really effective (even for beginner witches) and is useful to keep someone far, far away.

I wrote a whole post here explaining more about the freezer spell and how to cast it. Keep in mind that you need to have a freezer to keep the spell in for a good while and will need to make sure no one touches it. This is a pretty permanent, heavy-duty spell, so don’t cast it unless you’re 100% sure you’re done with the individual.

3. A Cord Cutting Spell

If the biggest issue is that you can’t stop obsessing over your enemy, or if you feel like you’re inexplicably tied together energetically, a chord-cutting spell might help.

This spell will remove any connection between the two of you. There are many variations of this spell, but for the simplest version, you only need a cord or piece of string, scissors, and a black or white candle.

2. A Moon Water Healing Bath

Sometimes we obsess over our enemies because of how they make us feel about ourselves. If this is the case, a moon water healing bath may be the perfect spell to boost your self-esteem and self-love.

For a moon water bath, I use Epsom salts or Himalayan salt and moon water. You can make moon water by leaving a cup of water out any night, but I like to make moon water that corresponds with astrology and my chart.

For example, I find that Pisces moon water is very spiritual and healing, while Virgo moon water is physically healing. Figure out what moon will best help you grow your self-love and confidence.

1. If All Else Fails, Use A Jinx Or Hex

Cursing someone is usually my last resort. I’m not one of those witches who is super against cursing, but it normally doesn’t sit well in my gut if there’s another option I can try first.

A curse is pretty strong and is something I reserve for the very worst of enemies, so when none of the other 4 options work, I try a jinx or a hex. I find that hexes and jinxes carry less karma (for me) than curses.

A jinx is a spell that creates minor annoyance for your enemy. For example, you could jinx someone to always forget about their coffee until it’s cold, to step in water with socks, or to repeatedly stain their white clothes. While jinxes are fun and make you feel temporarily better, they don’t really alter the circumstances at all, plus you usually don’t get the satisfaction of seeing it in action.

A hex is a bit of a stronger spell that wishes bad luck or ill intentions on your enemy. For example, you could sabotage their career at work or wreak havoc on their finances. I find that the most effective hexes are the ones which send karma back onto your enemy, especially if you feel that they’ve done you wrong. I do recommend tailoring the hex to your situation; browse Pinterest or Google to find a hex that works for you and feels right.

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