Black Moon Lilith-Ascendant Aspects In The Natal Chart

lilith-ascendant aspects in the natal chart

In aspect to the ascendant, Lilith will show how “taboo” your outer mask appears to the world, how alluring, taboo, sexual, or Scorpionic you seem. 

These Lilith-ascendant aspects can be good or bad since taboo is exciting to others but can also be scary or too intense. Typically, these Lilith-ascendant aspects both attract and repel at the same time.

Lilith Conjunct Ascendant

The Lilith conjunct Ascendant aspect means that you are interesting and captivating. You may come off as mysteriously sexual, kind of witchy, or you might give off the obscure vibe that there “something” more under the surface. This aspect makes you seem kind of Scorpionic, like a mystery, which is appealing but can also be a bit scary.

Your sex appeal may feel somewhat dark, so you could try to appear inconspicuous at times. Or perhaps you embrace this sex appeal and make it work for you (such as Billie Eilish, who has this Lilith conjunct Ascendant aspect).

Keep in mind that Lilith conjunct Ascendant doesn’t mean that you look dark or sexual, but that you have a darker energetic appeal. Others always tend to think there’s more underneath your surface.

You might attract others and enjoy the attention, which often seems to be on you. But you may notice that others are intimidated by you, too, which can actually make people want to avoid you. Your “mask” is a push-pull: you seem taboo, which is both exciting and scary.

Some people with Lilith conjunct Ascendant can seem almost haughty. With this placement, it can help if you work to be more approachable and open, softening your Lilith without changing who you are. You appear closed and secretive, so working to balance that image can help attract people.

Others are either afraid of you or obsessed with you – many people tend to idolize you before they even know you. This may happen for no reason at all since this aspect doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’re outgoing.

Lilith conjunct Ascendant can be a tough placement to have. But you can work with this aspect to display the higher vibrational qualities of Lilith instead of the more taboo, edgy, scary qualities.

Be careful that you don’t start thinking you’re better than others because of how you attract people. You might also act like you’re better than others, almost without realizing it: this is Lilith’s way of covering up her inner shame. But this actually gives you an opportunity to figure out what you feel ashamed about and why you’re afraid to embrace these taboo qualities within yourself.

With Lilith conjunct Ascendant, you simply can’t ignore the wild woman within. So find out how to express Lilith in a way that is most authentic with who you are inside.

Lilith Trine Ascendant

With Lilith trine Ascendant, you may enjoy attention. And you get plenty of it: Lilith creatures a strong draw in your outer mask. You exude an intense, powerful, and even taboo energy that people are strongly attracted to.

You are naturally magnetic with Lilith trine Ascendant. While you may be a bit intimidating to others, this usually works out in your favor (unlike the conjunction). You seem different, and while this difference feels taboo, people generally enjoy your energy.

Sometimes, Lilith conjunct Ascendant manifests as ultra-sexual looks (such as Margot Robbie) that draw people, while other times you simply appear Scorpionic, taboo, and mysterious in a compelling energetic sense (such as Charlie Sheen and even Ted Bundy).

This aspect can even mean that while you’re closed up on the outside, others just sense that deepness in you.

Whatever the case, Lilith trine Ascendant tends to work in your favor. This aspect gives you the opportunity to show the world how you are unique in a way that is natural for you.

Lilith Sextile Ascendant

If you have Lilith sextile Ascendant, you are somewhat dark, sensual, and even magnetic. Others are drawn to your energy.

You may not show this more Lilith side to others as a child – this energy is developed over time. The more you accept Lilith within yourself, the more this energy will show up in your mask.

Lilith sextile Ascendant gives you the opportunity to incorporate this magnetism into yourself as you accept every part of yourself, even your most taboo side. When you uncover those taboos and find out you are, when you integrate that shadow Lilith into yourself, then you can integrate that part of you into your mask and show your most authentic self to others.

Lilith Opposition Ascendant

If you have Lilith opposition Ascendant, you may find Lilith-like partners. This can be confusing to others because you seem innocent. And even if others know that you’re not innocent, you just always come off as kind of young.

For example, Bernie Sanders has Lilith opposition Ascendant. While we all know that Bernie Sanders has many years under his belt and strong political opinions, he has a vague childlike energy that manifests due to this opposition.

Lilith is completely hidden in your mask, part of your shadow self. So you come across as cute or innocent, as someone with no “bad” or mysterious parts. At the very least, you appear open, almost to the point of naivete. Even if you do something that should technically be taboo, people may think that you just don’t know better.

But Lilith still lives inside of you. Because you also have Lilith conjunct Descendant, the best way to bring Lilith out is in your partnerships. She truly is part of your shadow self, so Lilith must be integrated into your personality in order to feel comfortable with her.

Once you integrate Lilith, others may still see you as innocent, but you will feel more comfortable with this image because you will know that Lilith lives within you.

If you are married or in a relationship, then your partner may appear more Lilith than you do. Logically this makes no sense since you have plenty of Lilith inside, but it’s just how you seem together – like you’re the innocent one.

Lilith opposition Ascendant can be useful because people never think you’ve done anything bad. You always get the benefit of the doubt.

Lilith Square Ascendant

With Lilith square Ascendant, your personality/mask may be off-putting to others. Even when you try to seem pleasing, people still see the worst qualities of your Lilith expressed in the ascendant. Those Lilith-related taboos come out in a way that makes others nervous.

You still have a captivating side to your personality like any other Lilith-Ascendant aspect, but this element of your personality tends to scare people and push them away. A prime example of Lilith square Ascendant is Johnny Depp, who exudes dark vibes that seem almost scary or angsty but are not exactly explainable.

With Lilith square Ascendant, you may have the aura of being surrounded by death or scandal, or perhaps you just have an unexplainably taboo energy. Others feel nervous in general, as though you’re hiding a deep dark secret (even if this is not true).

This is a tough placement. However, you must work to accept the rejected part of Lilith within yourself in order to heal this aspect. If you don’t heal Lilith then you will try to suppress her, but she comes out sideways. With Lilith square Ascendant, you must learn to show the truest expression of yourself, even if others don’t like it.

Over time, you’ll actually become more appealing to others once your Lilith is integrated. The “scary” parts will be more apparent and therefore more manageable.