Mercury in Pisces

mercury in pisces man, mercury in pisces woman

Mercury is the planet that rules the mind, thought processes, and communication style in Astrology.  It tells us not what we think about, but how we think. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and moves the fastest. It may be difficult to differentiate between the two, but remember; the sun is the persona, and Mercury is the mind. 

Mercury in Pisces: Neptune and the Mind

Pisces and Mercury do not get along. Mercury does not like to be in Pisces, where it is in fall and detriment. Pisces is scattered, unorganized, and illogical, and mercury is the mind– so it is no secret as to why these two do not get along very well. 

Mercury in Pisces people are usually pretty confused. They tend to think of life as a work of art, rather than something that needs to be lived. Mercury in Pisces individuals are highly intuitive, but their intuition is almost always clouded by their self-deception. 

One Mercury in Pisces individual that I know once told me that every time she gets out of bed in the morning, she narrates her life as if she’s the main character. This is the kind of artistic thinking that clouds the mind of the Mercury in Pisces individual, and makes life kind of misty. 

Life is a storybook for Mercury in Pisces, and they are the main character. They may make up fake storylines in their head: conversations with people that they are never going to have, or love stories that won’t actually happen. These are all part of their own personal dramatic retelling of their story. 

Sometimes, these fake realities feel better and more real to a Mercury in Pisces person than their own life. Self-deception can easily set in, and they can become entirely delusional, preferring to live in their own made up world than the real one. I urge Mercury in Pisces people to try only to fantasize about the good things that already exist, rather than creating entirely new ones.

Alternatively, sometimes Mercury in Pisces may manifest as fears that are impossible. Because these people have a hard time living in the real world, they are unable to logically remember that these fears are not likely to be actualized. This can develop into anxiety disorders, OCD, or other fear preventative disorders. I urge Mercury in Pisces people to try to realize how likely these things are to actually occur, and to ease their mind with their inherent trust in the universe. 

Disorganized Thoughts

Mercury in Pisces’ thoughts are loose and not very organized compared to other Mercury Placements. They are not detail oriented, and often focus more on the mood of what is going on than on what is actually going on. They pick up on the subtleties of what is going on around them, and are extremely affected by the atmosphere. 

Neptune rules dreams, and Mercury is the messenger. When these two combine, the Mercury in Pisces person often gets psychic messages and intuition through dreams, even if they cannot figure out the message. 

Pisces minds can be so disorganized that the Mercury in Pisces person wants to escape them entirely. This kind of escapism can lead to seeking refuge in fantasy, checking out from the real world, and even addictions. 

The key to not developing this kind of escapism is finding some kind of outlet in the real world, either through art, music, photography, or other kinds of creative expression.

Mercury in Pisces and Communication

Mercury in Pisces individuals are very kind people. They may come across as soft spoken or shy, but really they do not want to hurt anyone by being loud or abrasive. These people are incredibly good listeners, and are very fun to be around. 

They love having a drink and a laugh, and have very theatrical humor which comes off well to other people. In a conversation, they may act as though they are a protagonist playing out a storyline. It is better to let them have their fun, as they don’t mean, nor do they often hurt anyone. 

These people, while shy and quiet, are very warm and want everyone to feel safe and comfortable. Whatever opinions they may have, they usually keep to themselves in social situations. Unlike Mercury in Libra who keeps quiet to keep friends, Mercury in Pisces keeps quiet because they actually don’t want to hurt anyone. 

Mercury in Pisces has incredible compassion for humans and animals alike. They may feel that they have just as in depth and meaningful conversations with animals as they do with people. This is because Mercury in Pisces is less concerned with the content of the conversation, and much more concerned with the feelings that the conversation evokes. 

These people have an incredible capacity for unconditional love. They are very forgiving, especially if Mars is in a mutable sign. Mercury in Pisces harbor no jealousy, and just want everyone to get along. 

Mercury in Pisces Woman

The Mercury in Pisces woman is very feminine and docile. The way she speaks is caring and empathetic, though she can be a bit confused sometimes. She is typically gracious and polite, though if Mercury is negatively afflicted, she may be avoidant instead. 

When it comes to love, the Mercury in Pisces woman wants and needs a romance. She loves the fantastical romantic love stories, and makes stories up in her head about the person who comes to sweep her off her feet. 

The Mercury in Pisces woman is exceptionally caring and loyal. She puts her all into her close relationships, and sees the people who are close to her as a part of who she is. She is careful and considerate of feelings, and takes all emotions involved into account before she makes any action. 

The Mercury in Pisces woman is incredibly artistic and brilliant when she taps into it. She may go through spurts of depression or anxiety, as these are common side effects of her chaotic mind. 

Mercury in Pisces Man

The Mercury in Pisces man is a little bit more chaotic than his female counterpart. He changes his mind easily and is very impressionable, especially by the women in his life. 

What he lacks in emotional intelligence he makes up for in creativity. This man may come up with ideas the world has never seen before, and is an out of the box thinker. His intuition guides him to new discoveries and ideas. He may make revolutionary changes in music and art, but uses these things as a means and outlet to discover his own mind. 

The Mercury in Pisces man lacks follow through– he has the idea, but cannot put it into fruition because that would require discernment that is not inherent in his nature. 

When it comes to love, the Mercury in Pisces man may be very all over the place. One day he is completely enthralled with a relationship, and the next he is ready to find someone new entirely. He needs to focus his attention and thoughts on one person at a time.