Mercury in Sagittarius

mercury in sagittarius man, mercury in sagittarius woman

Mercury is the planet that rules the mind, thought processes, and communication style in Astrology.  It tells us not what we think about, but how we think.

In the sky, Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and moves the fastest. It may be difficult to differentiate between the two, but remember; the sun is the persona, and Mercury is the mind. 

Mercury in Sagittarius: The Expansive Mind

Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius, meaning that it does not always like to be there. This makes the mercurial processes of thinking and communicating slightly more difficult than other placements, but not impossible. Mercury is all about information, communication and the details.

When Mercury goes into Sagittarius, he tends to forget all of this and focus more on the big picture. 

People with Mercury in Sagittarius have a very expansive mind. They don’t like focusing on the individual puzzle pieces, and would rather focus on the beautiful image the puzzle makes when it’s done. Because of this mentality, these people often like to skip ahead to the end and don’t pay attention on how they got there.

Their minds are very fast, but unlike Mercury in Gemini, they do not take all possibilities into account. Instead, Mercury in Sagittarius people decide what they want to do, and disregard all other possibilities. They drive forward not actually knowing if that is the best decision, but also not really caring if it’s not. 

Mercury in Sagittarius people are all about living in the moment. They are optimistic and opportunistic, and care more for experiences than for conversations.

Mercury in Sagittarius people probably think a lot about travel, having space to themselves, and create large fantasies in their heads. However, these fantasies are very difficult to execute because Mercury in Sagittarius is not organized enough to actually plan the execution. 

Mercury in Sagittarius people have a thirst for knowledge, but they hate boring facts or nit-picky details.

For example, a Mercury in Sagittarius who is interested in World War 2 may focus more on the fun facts, like what major battles happened instead of looking at what kind of artillery and battle formations were used. 


Sagittarius minds like Sagittarius people like to wander. It is very difficult for a Mercury in Sagittarius person to focus for long periods of time, and they may struggle with attention deficits like ADD or ADHD. It may seem difficult for them to get small tasks done, especially if those small tasks don’t seem important enough to them. 

With Mercury in Sagittarius, there is a focus on importance. People with this placement believe that their time and energy is best spent focusing on the most important things in life, and that the rest is meaningless. They let the minute details pass.

Mercury in Sagittarius people are true visionaries, and want to change the world. They see in their minds what the world would look like if it were a better place, they just don’t know how to actually make it that. 

Mercury in Sagittarius people have a hard time starting things. Once they are on a project and are given instructions on how to go about it, they will excel.

However, for them, creating the instructions is the hard part. These people likely prefer to work for someone else or at least have someone else to bounce ideas off of. Keeping it in their own mind will make them feel almost trapped by their inability to execute. 

People with Mercury in Sagittarius are very optimistic about the world. They like to see the bright side of things, and usually believe that the best is coming for them. They should try to focus on how to get there, instead of expecting things to naturally come to them. 

Mercury in Sagittarius and Communication

Mercury in Sagittarius people are incredibly optimistic, which draws you in. They are always excited to talk and discuss things with you, and this is a very magnetic energy. Mercury in Sagittarius is so excited that it makes you excited– they are very infectious people. 

They are incredibly enthusiastic during conversations that they are interested in, but if something comes up that does not strike Mercury in Sagittarius’s interest, they quickly become quiet and bored. It may actually appear they have checked out of the conversation all together. 

Mercury in Sagittarius people can be very polarizing. They are either the best to be around, or the worst to be around, depending on their outlook on life and where they are at emotionally. Mercury in Sagittarius natives are very outgoing and friendly, especially if Mercury is conjunct the sun. 

Mercury in Sagittarius people are brutally honest. If they think something, they are not afraid to say it. They find honesty one of the most admirable traits in people, but their honesty can come across as blunt or rude if they are not careful. 

Mercury in Sagittarius people like to think of themselves as very open-minded. They listen to different ideas and explore possibilities. However, they are secretly very judgmental. They will pick apart others for having prejudices, but are often blind to their own. 


One thing Mercury and Sagittarius people struggle with is listening. They are not exceptionally active listeners, and may zone out if they are too bored by the details of your story. They love engaging and exciting dialogues, but do not have the nuances to pretend they are engaged when the dialogue is lacking. 

When a Mercury in Sagittarius person is telling a story rather than listening to it, they get so excited that they tend to get off track. They struggle differentiating the important details from the minute ones, especially when it comes to their own stories. This may become a bit annoying, as it could take them hours to complete a single story about going to the grocery store. 

For example, one of my clients was telling a story about his father and it took two and a half hours because he fell off into a million different side stories that only loosely related to the first story. He claimed that all the details were important, even if the details didn’t provide anything additional to the story. Mercury in Sagittarius sees everything they do as important, but struggles to find other people’s stories equally engaging and important. 

Mercury in Sagittarius Woman

The Mercury in Sagittarius woman is outgoing and enthusiastic. She cares a lot about her academic achievements, and gets a rush out of learning something new. Whatever subject she is interested in she will absolutely master, even if she knows she will never use it. She learns for the sake of learning, rather than for any real world goal. 

The Mercury in Sagittarius woman is incredibly outspoken at parties. It takes a lot for her to learn to shut her mouth when she does not agree with something, and she can become very passionate or even emotional when discussing something she really cares about. 

This woman is not an easy person to date. The Mercury in Sagittarius woman has incredibly high standards, and does not settle for less than she deserves. She may be attracted to very successful types. 

This woman is very carefree and outgoing, and will not be pinned down or controlled by anyone. She wants the people, especially the men, in her life to understand that her life is her own. The Mercury in Sagittarius woman will likely be soul of the relationship. 

Mercury in Sagittarius Man

The Mercury in Sagittarius Man is equally as enthusiastic and outgoing as his female counterpart, and is the life of the party at any event. He has a very polarizing presence: people are either absolutely thrilled to see him, or wish they never had to see him again.

This man comes off as being slightly more judgmental than his female counterpart. This is part of the Mercury in Sagittarius Man’s polarizing personality. The Mercury in Sagittarius woman can keep her judgments to herself for the most part, but the male counterpart has a hard time disguising anything. 

The Mercury in Sagittarius Man is very adventurous. He is the kind of man who is up for anything at any time, and wants to spend life gaining new experiences. He likely has a wide array of “close friends” that he tries to keep in touch with, and is able to add himself to any new or exciting experience they may be undertaking. 

The Mercury in Sagittarius Man is less outspoken and blunt with his beliefs than his female counterpart. He judges more overtly, but he has more of an “I don’t care” attitude than the Mercury in Sagittarius woman, who cares a lot.