Are You a Pleiadian Starseed? How To Know For Sure

pleiadian starseeds

Pleiadian Starseeds are one of the most common starseed on Earth right now, and have come here in droves in the past few decades—because they have a real purpose here! Starseeds tend to come to earth together, so if you are a starseed, you tend to be surrounded by other starseeds. If this is the case, then you almost surely know a Pleiadian starseed.

Pleiadian starseeds have very distinctive energy—dreamy, fiery, and perhaps a bit confused, and they also have a very distinctive look.

This post is meant to help you discern whether you are a Pleiadian starseed, and may help you identify some of the people in your life who also may be.

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are souls who have begun their incarnational cycle on other planets in our universe even in other universes before being born on Earth. Unlike souls who first incarnated on Earth, starseeds don’t feel totally comfortable with a lot of everyday things (such as violence), but they bring other gifts that Earthlings do not have.

Starseeds are drawn to Earth by the pull of their heritage, and they may feel an obligation to aid in the ascension process of planet earth. Starseeds who know this upon incarnating often face alienation from other humans because they do not resonate with human social behavior.  

Starseeds often feel like they do not fit in on earth, and this can cause some to feel depressed or lonely. However, various types of starseeds have very special abilities and a lot of innate power that they simply need to activate.

I find that one of the first steps to activating your power is to determine your soul’s origin. In fact, your soul’s origin will explain so much about you and will help you activate your power and take control of your life and even your soul.

What are Pleiadian Starseeds?

Pleiadian Starseeds are a group of souls that originated in the Pleadies, which is a seven sister star cluster. It is the most obvious cluster of stars in the night sky, and is among the closest to earth—which may explain the large amount of starseeds from this system.

Unlike other starseeds, who may feel incredibly out of place on earth due to the lack of others of their kind, the Pleiadians tend to fit in more easily on earth. There are more of us than other starseeds, and because of this, every Pleiadian tends to know/understand at least one other person in their life.

Pleiadians tend to struggle in romantic relationships more than other soul groups. In the Pleiades, on one specific planet (that most Pleiadian souls would have experienced), souls incarnate with their twin flames. On this planet, there is so much unconditional love and feelings of completeness between these life partners—not always romantic—that Pleiadian starseeds may feel lost/alone when they are separated from their twin flame.

Unfortunately, Pleiadian starseeds still have this unconscious belief that they came to earth to be with someone else. While this may be their life goal in some places on the Pleiades, earth is not a planet of love primarily, and Pleiadians need to learn to find their way on their own on earth.

Pleiadian starseeds often leave their heart centers completely open, making them vulnerable to attack from energy vampires and Reptilians. They have a tendency to get into abusive or controlling relationships on earth, because when they were connected with their twin flame, there was no such thing as control.

Pleiadians are used to seeing themselves mirrored in others, and learning together rather than on their own. Because of this, Pleiadian starseeds look for themselves in their partners rather than looking internally for validation.

Of course, you can be a Pleiadian starseed without knowing it—and may be unconsciously dealing with the soul imprint of being a Pleiadian starseed. I didn’t find out I was one until I was twenty years old, after many difficult and abusive relationships and other issues that only Pleiadians would understand.

Am I a Pleiadian Starseed? 10 Signs of the Pleiadian Starseed

10. You Make Decisions with your Heart

Pleiadian starseeds are, by design, heart-led individuals. They lead with their heart and make emotional, rather than rational decisions. The Pleiadian starseeds have a primary chakra of the heart Chakra, so when they can learn to use this instead of allowing it to use them, they can become very powerful beings.

Pleiadian starseeds often confuse making emotional decisions with making heart-led decisions. They should learn to tap into their heart-mind, ask their heart chakra for answers, rather than basing them on their emotions—which actually come from the emotional body. In the Pleiades, the emotions came from the heart—here they do not.

However, Pleiadian starseeds should be wary of leaving their hearts too open, because this can attract energy vampires and bad entities, as well as bad partners.

Pleiadian starseeds are true romantics and probably love all things that have to do with romance. The worst thing that could happen to a Pleiadian starseed is losing anyone that they love deeply—and they take breakups especially hard.

9. You Love “Love”

Pleiadian starseeds tend to prioritize romantic love over other kinds of love and idealize their perfect partner. They may end up in long-term relationships early on in life, not really ever learning who they are outside of those relationships. A lot of times, Pleiadian starseeds get into relationships with the wrong people. 

On the Pleiades, Pleiadian starseeds were incarnated with their twin flame so they never had to go through the process of choosing a partner. That makes it very difficult for them on earth, because they may think that every partner they meet is meant to be

It’s not a bad thing to prioritize romantic love and want a partnership, but Pleiadian starseeds should learn who they are on their own, and figure out what things in life they like before taking on another person. 

8. You Try to Fix Other People

Pleiadian starseeds know that they are here to serve the world; and because they are so in tune with their heart, that service often comes from a place of love. This can be very confusing for the Pleiadian starseed, because when they love someone, this often translates into wanting to help that person—even if they should be more logical about who they choose to partner with.

This does help Pleiadian starseeds to be excellent parents and caregivers, but they should remember that they were sent to earth to do more than enable codependent partners. This love frequency often puts Pleiadian starseeds at the mercy of other people; the guilt and necessity to fix and change others may get in the way of their grand plan for earth.

It is important that Pleiadian starseeds learn their own worth, and to attract people who are on the same love vibrational frequency as themselves. Codependency is something that Pleiadian starseeds struggle with inherently, so looking inward and truly connecting to their heart, as well as connecting to their home planet can give them a sense of self that will allow them to feel whole and complete. 

Once a Pleiadian starseed feels whole and complete, they can use this incredible healing skill on the world around them. Pleiadian starseeds can learn that it is not a bad thing to have these healing powers and skills– they are meant to use them on the world. But they do not have to affect their personal lives and emotional states.

Boundaries are especially important for Pleiadian starseeds, and deep inner healing is usually required before they can really expand these skills to the rest of the world. 

7. You are Emotionally Open

Pleiadian Starseeds wear their heart on their sleeve in more ways than one. When a Pleiadian is having a bad day, or feeling an emotion, it becomes very obvious to the rest of the world. They are emotional beings, and their emotional body is especially active, so they may portray their emotions to the world with great ease.

This may be hard for them to integrate on earth—coming off as an emotional and sensitive person can be hard. Unlike the Andromedan starseeds, who are very sensitive but can hide it well, the Pleiadian starseeds wear their hearts, and their emotions, on their sleeve. 

Their emotions are one with their personality usually, and if a Pleiadian starseed is feeling something, you will know about it. They are very emotional beings, and often get a huge relief out of crying. Their emotions are like a roller coaster: when they are happy, it is absolutely contagious and makes the entire room around them a more pleasant place. 

However, when a Pleiadian starseed is going through something hard, it is very difficult for them to hide, and they may even take it out on those around them. Sometimes, it’s best for Pleiadian starseeds to relax, recuperate, cry, and reconnect with their home planet. I find that crying in particular is a great way for Pleiadian starseeds to fully release their emotions, especially if they are pent up. 

An indicator of this could be having strong water or fire placements in your birth chart.

6. You Are Androgynous

Genders don’t really exist the same way in the Pleiades as they do on earth, so most Pleiadian starseeds have a mix of masculine and feminine energies. If you’re a male, you may exemplify some traditionally woman-like behaviors, and vice versa if you are a female. It may not even be noticeable in the way you dress or express yourself, it’s more about the energy that you put out into the world: it’s just slightly more androgynous than other people. 

Energy doesn’t really work the same in the Pleiades, so a lot of times you may feel like you don’t belong to either gender. This may show through men who get along better with female friends, or girls who get along better having mostly male friends. 

Of course, you could identify as non-binary because of this energy– it feels like one gender doesn’t specifically fit. This is, of course, not the case for all Pleiadian starseeds. Some Pleiadians have been on earth longer, and have learned to identify with their gender through their lifetimes on earth.

Other newer Pleiadian visitors to earth will have a harder time identifying with these traditional gender norms, and may find themselves fighting against it. 

Gender norms are constantly changing, so its not inherently important that Pleiadian starseeds try to identify a gender. This is simply an indicator that you may be a Pleiadian starseed. 

5. You Struggle With Drive

Things come easier and more natural on the Pleiades. Its not so hard, and does not take so much energy to get things done; and things tend to happen faster. This is because the Pleiades is a 6th dimensional star-system, so things are much more energetic, and less physical. 

Coming to the earth for Pleiadian starseeds can be difficult because things are so hard here. It takes a lot of energy to get anything done on earth, and the physicality of the world tends to drag Pleiadian starseeds down with it. It can be very hard for Pleiadian starseeds to have drive on earth, because it feels like every time they make some strides, things hit a roadblock. 

You may have a lot of ideas about things you could do, or want to do, but you don’t know where to start. It seems daunting to actually follow through on your projects, so often Pleiadian starseds will find that they are stifled and stuck. 

Of course, there are ways to correct this. Calling on your Pleiadian guides to help align you with your true purpose is the first one, and asking for extra energy from your home planet is also a good place to start. Try to harness energy using your astrology chart, or raising it from the earth– and remember that even though follow through take a lot more effort and time on earth, the results will give you the same satisfaction. 

4. You Are Social, Open, and Free-Spirited

Pleiadian starseeds come from a very social star system, where people are generally friendly and community oriented. This translates well onto earth, where most Pleiadian starseeds are very outgoing, love being part of a community, and feel a bit out of place when they are not surrounded by people. 

Pleiadian starseeds are very open to other perspectives, and love meeting new people. Unlike Starseeds from Orion or Arcturus, Pleiadian starseeds do not inherently believe in a “right” or a “wrong,” and see life as a subjective and individuated experience. This makes them very open to people of all cultures and backgrounds, and they do their best to try to understand all perspectives. 

Children, in particular, tend to be very important to Pleiadian starseeds– and they make great parents. This is because their childlike spirit seeps into the world, and they never quite lose their inner child the way that a lot of other people do. 

This childlike spirit is what makes them so magnetic to people around them. They tend to be free-spirited, and very go-with-the-flow, although like all people they do struggle with bouts of stress. Their childlike spirit is typically contagious to other people, and they are usually very well liked.

Because starseeds are hard to come by, Pleiadian starseeds may take longer than other people to truly find their tribe. However, once they do, they are very magnetic and loved by their circle. They may even be quite popular amongst their friends, especially if their friends are other starseeds. 

3. You Have a Distinctive Look

On the Pleiades, most people are very tall, have blonde/white hair, and have pointed ears like an elf. When coming to earth, a lot of people think that Pleiadian starseeds retain these qualities, but this is not the case. Pleiadian starseeds are born in all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds, and therefore they look very different. 

However, there is one quality that travels through all Pleiadian starseeds, no matter what their earth background is. They typically look like elves! 

Let me expand on this: they have rosy/round cheeks, may have smaller features than normal, and look like if you put some elf ears on them they would fit right in. This is the one physical quality that has transferred to earth almost universally. 

For example, on Pleiadian starseed I know is 6’3 and a professional baseball player, but he has round rosy cheeks and looks like a little elf. Another is a 5’2 woman, with a big smile and round cheeks, who also looks just like a member of the fae/an elf. 

It is hard to explain more than that, but if you learn to tune into the energy of the Pleiadian starseeds you will begin to know it when you see it. 

2. You Enjoy the Sensual Side of Life

Pleiadian starseeds are well known for their enjoyment of the sensual side of life, especially sex. On the Pleiades, they did not have such physical bodies, so the existence of the physical body is something that the Pleiadian starseed wants to explore fully– and has a very fun time doing so. 

They may also struggle with addictions in many forms because of the physicality of earth, but sex seems to be a universal love of the Pleiadian starseeds. They are a bit more provocative than the other starseeds. Because they have such a romantic spirit and tend to prioritize romantic love over other forms, sex has a special place in the Pleiadian starseeds life.

There is actually a test that you can do to see if you are fully aligned with your Pleiadian nature, and it has to do with your comfort level during sex. If you are very comfortable and relaxed, you may be more aligned with your Pleiadian energy. If you are uncomfortable or tense, than this is a good indicator that you need to reconnect with source and with your divine nature.

Pleiadians just like sex. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you have not yet worked through your codependency issues that a lot of Pleiadian starseeds come in with, it could be very confusing. Pleiadian starseeds should learn that even on earth, sex and love are not the same thing. It is great to enjoy them both, but they are separate things. 

1. You Are Competitive

Pleiadian starseeds are very competitive and may love sports and games. One Pleiadian starseed I know actually got up in the middle of a game of Settlers of Catan and tried to leave because she wasn’t winning. So yes, they are also poor losers sometimes. 

In the Pleiades, games and sports are considered one of the highest of honors, and people spend lifetimes mastering their craft. Pleiadian starseeds may be drawn to sports or games at an early age, or may just be competitive about whatever their skill is. They often feel they must be the best at the thing that they do.