Sun-Uranus Aspects in the Composite Chart

sun-uranus aspects in the composite chart

Composite charts tell us a lot about our relationships. They show us how we work together as a unit, how we present to the world (ascendant) and the ways that we stand out in the world. They are essentially a midpoint chart of the two individual natal charts, and act as a map for the rest of the relationship.

Unlike the natal chart where things can be healed or fixed, the composite chart is more of a map. The chart remains the same, but we can actively work to redirect the energy to more positive places.  This does not mean that the energy dissipates, the underlying energy always remains the same.

The Composite Sun

The Sun in the composite chart indicates the ego direction of the relationship. The Composite Sun is directional energy; what way the couple is directing their energy. Secondarily, it can indicate the way that the male or masculine partner acts in the relationship, specifically relating to squares and oppositions.

The sun is the overall feeling of the relationship, and the aspects that it has affects that feeling or mood. Whatever sign the sun is in indicates the way that the couple feels about the relationship and the way they act towards it.

Composite Uranus

Uranus is an exceptionally interesting planet when it comes to composite charts in particular.  While Saturn aspects indicate the rules, structure, responsibilities, and tradition of the relationship, Uranus aspects do the exact opposite.  Uranus indicates the areas of life that we rebel from these norms, and how that will impact the relationship.  

Uranus is the planet of rebellion, unconventionality, science, the new age, and the way that we stand out in groups. In relationships, this often comes as the type of relationship the people want. 

As a society, since Uranus entered Aquarius, its ruling sign, relationships have taken a turn for the unconventional. The energy is currently with these kind of new relationships, and composite aspects can show us how they work in our own charts.

Sun Conjunct Uranus Composite

With Sun conjunct Uranus Composite, both partners tend to seek the relationship in order to escape societal expectations and rules. This may indicate a past negative experience with control or domination, so the couple finds themselves in a relationship that rejects these notions and creates rules of its own.

With Sun conjunct Uranus Composite, the partners tend to release old cycles and help each other come to terms with how fulfilling life can be.  They strike out on their own, discover life together, and try to help each other through the lows. 

These two come together to free themselves of limiting beliefs and ideas and focus primarily on unconditional love and existence rather than responsibility and reliability.  This aspect indicates an open relationship or the existence of a non-traditional relationship.  It also indicates that the relationship may be frowned upon by society.

Composite Sun conjunct Uranus means that sometimes, the person you rely on is nowhere to be found when bad times come.  External circumstances play a major role in this relationship, and it may feel as though the universe and the world is against the pairing.  The relationship’s essence is rebellion; being together is rebellion.  Perhaps the world has forbid it or there is something frowned upon about the relationship.

It is important to remember the reason why you entered into the relationship. The person who gets into one of these relationships likely knows from the start that the nature of the relationship is instability.

This is not a relationship for stability—it rocks all the foundations and creates an unconventional match.  

A famous example of a Composite Sun conjunct Uranus relationship is in Romeo and Juliet, where the situation of their love is rather erratic and rebellious, and never sees stability. This is an extreme example of universal intervention.  Sometimes it may be more between the personalities that are unconventional, rather than the situation itself.

In platonic relationships, this indicates that the two people were brought together to offer new perspectives, and help each other break routines.  The other person is not what you expected, but rather what you needed to fulfill whatever destiny you have together.  It feels as though this person is breaking the mold for you.

Sun Trine/Sextile Uranus Composite

With Composite Sun Trine Uranus, the relationship tends to feel very open and free. This is something that comes very naturally in the relationship, and may not have been planned, but it indicates that the two people had a similar situation in a past life.

These two people are very responsible and understand that freedom is derived from their responsibility. They have rebellious fun when they so choose, but don’t live their lives on the edge or waiting for the next rebellious act. They are dedicated and hard workers and tend to necessities before pleasure.

With Composite Sun Sextile Uranus, the couples may prefer open relationships, as they require more individual freedom than other couples, especially the masculine one in the relationship. They may be more sexually or emotionally open as well, preferring many partners to one.

These types of relationships may come off as detached or unfeeling due to the extreme openness of the relationship, and it is possible that both people may begin to feel unhappy. This type of relationship can grow and flourish into that of a Composite Sun Trine Uranus type of relationship, where they feel responsible to each other first and rebellious second, but that comes with hard work.

With Composite Sun sextile Uranus, the nature is to reject any kind of commitment and to work towards complete freedom, especially in the relationship. These couples either will become more responsible and lasting, or will burn out due to inability to commit.

Sun Square Uranus Composite

With Composite Sun square Uranus, the relationship feels like a whirlwind.  The couple likely met in a very odd way, like reconnecting with someone unexpected from the past, or meeting someone somewhere unexpected. With the Sun Square Uranus Composite relationship, the keyword here is unexpected.

When the relationship begins, everything is new, exciting, and impulsive. These people are likely to jump into a relationship without thinking about the consequences or responsibilities that comes with it. They are sure that they know each other and want to be together right off the bat, but they have no clue how they will change and evolve as the relationship progresses.

This means that as things arise throughout the relationship, they will always be new and different challenges that never meet the couple’s expectations.  It also indicates that as individuals, they may be experiencing new and unexpected sides of themselves as a result of the relationship.  

Oftentimes, these unexpected situations cause conflict in the relationship.  It is likely that one or both people have expectations, which these situations keep causing to fall through. The couple may place blame on one another rather than just admitting that they cannot control the world around them.

This aspect has an underlying lesson—you are not meant to control another person.  Freedom is the ultimate form of happiness, and the relationship needs to develop into one where both people feel entirely free, but are choosing to commit to one another, rather than feeling responsible to.

Oftentimes, Sun square Uranus Composite may indicate that monogamy is not in the stars for this couple. Many of these unexpected situations may be other people, who each individual person longs for outside of the relationship. 

Occasionally, if these feelings are not met with understanding, the masculine partner may step out or “act out” in order to gain what he feels is “true freedom.”

Because this aspect involves a square, there is some indication of fear here. One or both partners have a fear of true freedom, and either want to limit or be limited in their ability to exercise that freedom.

This aspect does not indicate polygamy and cheating, but more indicates unexpected circumstances and warns not to be too controlling, or your partner will feel that energy.

Sun Opposition Uranus Composite

When the composite sun falls into opposition of Uranus, this indicates that the relationship came out of nowhere. It was unexpected, out of the blue, and at lightening speed—and since it began, neither person has been able to catch their breath.

As the relationship progresses, there is excitement and surprise at every turn. An extreme example would be finding out that your partner was secretly leading a double life for the CIA, only to later learn that he was actually a Russian spy.  It feels as though no matter how much you know this person, you never really know them, because there is always something new to learn.

The rules of the relationship may be extremely nontraditional, but its possible that neither of you is happy with this. You may want something more stable, but not know how to approach the issue with the partner.

A lot of times, you both have a separate list of rules that you try to impose on the other. Try to come up with with your own set of rules together rather than trying to make the other person fit yours.

The universe seems to work magically and mystically in this relationship. Forces seem to separate you at the least opportune times, and you may find yourself attending a wedding or party alone despite having checked multiple times that your partner was available that night.

Understanding with any Uranus aspect is the key. Understanding that you may never understand the person, but trying to every day is the only thing that will help.  It is also necessary to learn that instability is a constant in this relationship, but if you choose to continue it, you are in for one hell of a ride.