6 Ways A Love Spell Can Go Terribly Wrong

love spells

Love spells are super popular in witchcraft. Who doesn’t love love?

Even though they’re lots of fun, love spells are also really tricky. They’re hard to cast well and can backfire easily.

As much as you might picture your ideal outcome when you’re considering a love spell, there are lots of ways a love spell can go wrong that you should consider equally.

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6. It Doesn’t Work

First of all, your love spell might straight up not work. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

You might not be able to raise enough energy to successfully cast a love spell, or you might just be working with a bad spell.

Another reason your spell might fail is if your intention is wrong. For example, you might think you’re casting a love spell, but you’re projecting anger when you raise energy, the spell turns into a hex.

The spell might then cause your intended to have trouble in future relationships or to be unable to find a partner. These are only a few examples of the way the spell might manifest, but the point is that you haven’t really cast a love spell if your intention wasn’t love.

5. You Create Obsession, Not Love

Remember in Harry Potter, when J.K. Rowling explains that love spells can’t really create love, so they create obsession? She definitely took that bit of knowledge from traditional witchcraft.

As popular as love spells are, they just can’t create love if it doesn’t already exist. If someone does love you then you can manifest that love to grow, but if absolutely no love exists, then it can’t be created.

If you cast a strong love spell on someone who doesn’t love you, the spell will probably manifest in obsession. Your intended might become totally obsessed with you without knowing why, but even if you enter into a relationship, it won’t ever feel like true love.

If love spells backfire in this way, they can end up feeling more like hexes or jinxes rather than true love spells.

4. You Manifest Love, But You Aren’t Sure If It’s Real

If your intended already loves you then there is a possibility for a love spell to work. They could start to see you in a better light and notice your positive qualities. Their love can then grow naturally with the assistance of the spell’s energy.

The problem with this is that you might not know if it’s real.
As long as your spell is cast, you’ll always feel as though the relationship isn’t legit.

This is a common issue with successfully cast love spells. Even if you think you won’t have this problem, think carefully before casting!

3. Your Love Spell Creates A Chord

Sometimes, you love spell doesn’t create love or obsession. Instead, you can create a chord that ties you to your intended.

Your intended might want to move on or meet other people but is tied to you so they can’t. You will probably also be tied.

Sometimes, this will mean that you work things out and get back together. That sounds great right? Not so fast. You’ll both feel like you’re together out of obligation, not out of desire. These are the types of relationships where both people absolutely hate each other but stay together anyways.

For either person to move on, you need to break the chord between you and the object of your spell.

2. It Exposes Qualities Of The Spell’s Object

Let’s say your love spell works perfectly. Your lover wants to be with you and give the ultimate commitment. All of a sudden, however, you start noticing things about your partner that you didn’t see before and these aren’t not good qualities.

It’s pretty common for a witch to cast a love spell on someone they think they want to be with, only to find out when it works that they don’t. Unfortunately, love spells are really hard to reverse. Sometimes, you just can’t reverse it completely.

Before you cast a love spell, you need to be completely positive that your intended is the person for you.

1. Your Partner Finds Out About It

If everything does go according to plan and you ride off into the sunset, there’s still one glaring issue. Will you ever tell your partner about the spell that you cast?

In so many ways, a love spell zaps the free will of the intended. You basically decided what your partner would feel and acted on it.

Even if your partner did already love you, instead of letting it grow naturally, you coerced their love to grow. If they didn’t love you and you created obsession or a chord, then this is an even more volatile situation.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not telling you to never cast a love spell. There are plenty of love spells that don’t force the other person to do anything. There are self-love spells, love spells to enhance your own attractiveness, love spells for rose colored glasses, etc.

Regardless of what others tell you, always follow your own intuition. When you’re struggling to know if you should cast a spell, try divination (Tarot, pendulum, etc.) to figure out if a spell is right for you, and follow your gut.

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