How You Attract Potential Partners Based On Your Venus


We’re all a collection of most of the signs in astrology. Our birth charts are complex, so it’s 100% impossible to sum any person up while describing just one sign.

When it comes to the astrology of attraction, it’s a little bit simpler. We all attract others in a slightly different way, but you can usually look to your Venus or Mars (depending on the gender you feel you are) to see how you attract potential partners and love interests.

Traditional astrology says that women will attract others using the qualities of their Venus sign, while men will attract others using the qualities of their Mars sign. I’ve found that this is 80% true.

What I mean by this is that if a woman has a Venus in Aries and a Mars in Pisces, she will show 80% Aries qualities and 20% Pisces qualities when interacting with a potential partner.

If that’s confusing, let me try an example:

Let’s take Marilyn Monroe. Her Venus was in Aries, so 80% of her “attractive” qualities that others notice right away will be Arian qualities. She was probably outgoing, bold, spontaneous, and even a little selfish. Because her Mars is in Pisces, 20% of her attractive qualities will be Piscean. She might be a little illusive and mysterious, which was clearly a popular combination with her Aries Venus.

This combination will attract others who are interested in these qualities. In order to have chemistry, your potential partner needs to have signs in his/her chart that draw him/her to this energy.

Are These Gender Roles Absolute?

They are definitely not concrete! When I say “women attract using their Venus,” I really mean that people who have more feminine energy will identify more with their Venus sign. Those with more masculine energy will identify more with their Mars sign.

Ask yourself which energy you identify with more, then read the rest of the post looking at whichever planet correlates with that post. Feminine energy = Venus; Masculine energy = Mars. Don’t forget that we’ll all show a bit of the opposite planet’s qualities as well!

This post will be all about the Venus energy in attraction, so these are the qualities you will show 20% of the time if you are more masculine, or 80% of time if you are more feminine. You’ll mainly show these qualities when you feel (consciously or unconsciously) that there is a prospective mate around. A good example of this is when you’re at a bar or party surrounded by your peers.

How You Can Feel This “Attraction” Energy

You might not actually see much of this energy with your own eyes, but simply feel it. For example, a guy I know has Venus and Mars both in Gemini. Even though he might not talk much when he’s at work, others can definitely sense this Gemini energy and see him as somewhat of a player. I’m often told that he’s a cool guy who has a great group of friends, even though none of his coworkers really know his friends. They just sense the energy and fill in the blanks.

You’ll be able to feel this energy as soon as you enter the room. Think about all of the people you know while reading this list (or whoever’s charts you have access to!) and see if the energy fits.

Keep in mind that you’ll be able to sense the energy at a much stronger level if you’re someone the person might be trying to attract, whether they mean to or not. It’s much easier to sense this energy while in a group of your peers, even if some of them are already in relationships: they probably send the energy out subconsciously to anyone who is a prospective mate. This is in no way cheating, it’s just a biological instinct!

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How You Attract Others Based On Your Venus Qualities

In this post, we’re going to look at the qualities of Venus. You’ll either show about 80% of these qualities (if you identify with feminine energy) or about 20% (if you identify with masculine energy). Here’s how each sign works to attract potential partners:

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You are bold, direct, aggressive, and selfish. This can come off as really charming to the right person. You don’t mince words, and you’re likely to be extremely blunt when explaining what you’re looking for.

You have tons of energy and can give others an instant energetic boost just by being in the same room. You like the take the lead, so you often attract someone who enjoys being more passive and who likes being around your big energy. You’re probably a little outgoing and popular in a group.

You might be a little competitive, so you could attract someone who likes watching others fight for them.


If you have a Venus in Taurus, you have a dependable yet beautiful quality. You’re not extremely bouncy, but you do have an earthly sense of luxury. You often attract others with physical things such as money, food, clothes, manners, etc.

You will definitely appeal to the luxurious side of anyone you’re trying to attract. You have an aura of class that others will immediately recognize, and you hold some sort of status due to material objects.


If you have Venus in Gemini, you will attract others using witty conversation and super sharp intellect. You may enjoy bantering, or like to play fun mind games. You can enjoy chasing or being chased.

Someone who likes this kind of novelty will instantly be attracted to your energy. A potential partner will want someone who switches things up to keep them guessing, and this is exactly what you do.

You may also be very curious and ask a variety of questions while in the company of others which can make them feel really special.


You attract others by being sensitive and caring. What people have to say really matters to you, and potential partners sense that they can safely share their feelings with you. You will go to any lengths to care for someone emotionally, and others sense that almost immediately.

Someone who needs some emotional care will be instantly attracted to your energy, while those who want to keep things lighter and more surface level may be turned off.


If you have Venus in Leo, you probably attract others by showing off. You’re the brightest light in the room, and everyone else knows it. Some people are attracted to that insanely bright light, and you will find those people drawn towards you.

You have high expectations and will usually let that be known, so you sometimes attract people who like the game. You can also attract social climbers, or those who genuinely admire your big personality.

You might tell grandiose stories, laugh more loudly, or show off some sort of talent. You are also very physical, and you may attract others by showing them physical affection; you can even just be more touchy in casual conversation.

You’re definitely not fickle, and once you decide you want to attract a certain individual (even unconsciously), you won’t stray.


Those with Venus in Virgo attract in a much quieter, simpler way. Others might not notice you right off the bat, but those who are drawn to the Virgo energy will find you hidden in the corner; they will like the nondescript, plain qualities that you possess.

You might lovingly criticize or joke about the person you want to attract (similar to how kids pick on their crush in middle school) and this is all part of how you flirt. You might also do little things to show your appreciation. You could comment on someone’s charm bracelet, or wallet, or notice the way they pronounce a word, for example. The subtleties of someone’s character matter to you. You will try to attract through all practical manners, and might do small favors for those you’re interesting in.


If you have Venus in Libra, you absolutely love attracting other people. You’re very polished and won’t often use crude words or speak too loudly. Instead, you try to attract by appearing beautiful and sophisticated on all levels (looks, intellect, and even spirit).

Those with Venus in Libra can be pretty outgoing. You’re probably very social, like a happy butterfly, and you try to stay on good terms with everyone. This attracts people who want someone with great social skills.

You attract others by being nice, happy, sweet, and upscale. Being around you makes potential partners feel good and as though they’ve found someone who is wonderful on all levels. The trick will be keeping this up once you enter into a relationship.


If you have Venus in Scorpio, then you have a deep intensity that others can sense. Potential partners will almost immediately feel that once you commit, you’re all in, and that you have an extremely profound emotional nature.

When you come across a potential partner, you will be intensely focused on them. Those who are looking for a lighter relationship (e.g. anyone with a lot of Gemini) won’t like this, but someone who is looking for this exact intensity will immediately be drawn to you.

You might also draw those to you who are attracted to anything dark or tragic, since you give off a slightly desolate air.


Venus in Sagittarius means that you’re very attractive to others due to your friendliness, your smile, your fun-loving nature, and your up-for-anything attitude. You’re very easy to be around initially, and you like to bounce around and try new activities.

You also love a good philosophical discussion, or anything that’s interesting but not too personal. You probably won’t want to get too deep right off-the-bat, but you do like a fun adventure, whether that be something physical or just a discussion.

In a group, you’re social but fun, and some partners may be looking for just this.


If you have Venus in Capricorn, you come across as very controlled, confident, goal-oriented, and responsible. You’ll act like that experienced CEO who  takes everyone pretty seriously and exudes an air of confidence.

You send out an energy of competency that will attract others. You won’t be very warm or display many emotions, even though you will feel them inside. Others might either want to play the game and break through to find your emotions, or enjoy how self-reliant you are and how they don’t have to baby you.


If you have Venus in Aquarius, you might come off as a little aloof. You probably dress somewhat plain and don’t go crazy with hair or makeup, but there’s still a slightly different energy about you that some people will find really appealing.

You’re a little detached, and others might like that. You can also be a bit of a dreamer, and don’t care to think about if your dreams are realistic or not.

You might have unconventional ideas for how you’ll do things in a relationship or in your future, and these ideas will probably excite potential partners who will find you extremely interesting and refreshing. You’ll attract people who are sick of the same-old and who are looking for something (and someone) different.


You have a very elusive, mysterious, delicate energy that attracts others to you because they want to know more. You often have deep eyes, and others have the sense that there’s a lot more below the surface. You will typically attract people who want to find out what’s there.

You might also give off a soft, romantic vibe that potential partners like.

You also give off a somewhat blank slate (due to this unnamed mysterious nature) that potential partners can use to project their ideal image of love. When you first meet someone, they might feel as thought you’re the exact partner they’ve been looking for, although these are simply qualities the partner sees in his/her head.

Venus in Retrograde

If you have Venus in Retrograde, a lot of this flirting will be internalized. You probably won’t make moves to actually flirt or attract, but the energy of your Venus sign will still be apparent. It will just be something others feel instead of outwardly see, at first.

For example, if you have Venus in Sagittarius retrograde, you probably won’t be the life of the party. You won’t bounce around, chatting with a variety of different people, or suggest a new activity every 20 minutes. You’ll be much more reserved, but this restless, happy energy will still be apparent to anyone who is attracted to you.

Does your Venus fit you? Let us know how in the comments!