Venus-Jupiter Aspects In Synastry

venus-jupiter aspects in synastry

If you have Venus-Jupiter aspects in your synastry chart, your sense of love, romance, and affection is expanded. The relationship may feel larger-than-life, especially at first.

These aspects boost pleasure levels between a couple. However, you may also overdo things together or stretch the truth. This energy pushes you to hold onto the good, yet you may then ignore the bad.

Ultimately, Venus-Jupiter relationships can be really beneficial if you’re able to work through the over-expansive parts of these aspects.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Synastry

The Venus conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect means that you experience true joy when you’re together. Your relationship feels larger and more expansive than anything else you have experienced.

Jupiter expands, so in synastry, the more Venusian aspects, such as love and beauty, are magnified. You see wonderful qualities in each other and sense the elegance in your relationship.

With the Venus conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect, you look forward to seeing each other. You love to do just about everything together because being with your partner feels good.

As a couple, you appear exciting, alluring, charming, and amorous. Other people sense the energy that you feel, so they’re probably attracted to your energy when you’re together.

You’re probably fun and whimsical with the Venus conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect. You may like to flirt and try new things. Though this energy is mainly between the two of you, it’s possible that you also like socializing together because Venus rules social positions.

Although you appear larger than life, you even enjoy simple, mundane tasks together with the Venus conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect.

There is sometimes a student-teacher vibe with the Venus conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect. The Jupiter person tends to introduce the Venus person to new ideas, philosophies, or way of thinking, while the Venus person is the alluring, sensual, or social partner.

This aspect can also be beneficial on a more material or financial level. When you’re in a relationship with the Venus conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect, you could bring financial abundance and material gain into each other’s lives. The energy between you gives you finances an element of luck.

Although there are many great qualities of your relationship, you are prone to overindulgence when you’re together. This could manifest as overeating, overspending, being lazy, drinking too much, partying, or anything else that makes you feel good.

The Venus conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect makes you feel so good together that you never want to lose this feeling, so you may go overboard to hold onto it. The methods of your overindulgence will be clear based on the sign and house that the aspect sits in.

You may experience a lack of discipline when you’re with each other. You each give your partner more than they really need, though it comes from a good place. For example, you might encourage your partner to spend more money or drink more, simply because you want to make them happy, but this hurts them in the long run.

It’s important that you learn how to ground yourselves. Don’t ignore the bad in favor of the good; learn how to give your partner the hard truths when necessary. 

Sometimes with the Venus conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect, you will need to face the ugly parts of life and work through hard things. This can feel terrifying because your relationship is so joyous and happy, but once you start, you will find that it’s better to deal with the issues in order to get back to a truly contented place.

Ultimately, you must learn how to take off your rose-colored glasses in the relationship and deal with practical realities without losing your sense of cheer in the relationship.

Venus Trine Jupiter Synastry

With the Venus trine Jupiter synastry aspect, you have natural understanding and respect in your relationship. You may have hobbies in common or you tend to like the same sorts of things.

You are able to look into each other’s hearts. Because of your insight, you have a true desire to make each other happy, so even when you fight, you both mean well.

The Venus trine Jupiter synastry aspect gives you a sense of natural trust. You’re always looking for the good in each other.

Things will get hard in any relationship, but you still want the other person to be happy. Your love is naturally expansive, so you always care for each other, no matter what happens.

You tend to truly enjoy the company of your partner with the Venus trine Jupiter synastry aspect. You probably laugh more than normal when you’re together and have a lot of jokes that only you and your partner understand.

Genuine affection is natural in this relationship. Warmth simply flows between the two of you. These qualities make you want to be around each other as much as possible.

However, this relationship is also beneficial in the real world, because you push each other to grow and succeed.

The Jupiter person especially expands the Venus person’s mind, offering intellectual insight and spiritual enlightenment. The Venus individual will give the Jupiter person love and affection, and may enhance the Jupiter person’s social standing, depending on the sign of the aspect.

Ultimately, the Venus trine Jupiter synastry aspect is truly beneficial in any relationship. Remember to deal with the hard stuff as it comes up in your partnership, and you will find that your expansive energy only grows.

Venus Sextile Jupiter Synastry

The Venus sextile Jupiter synastry aspect means that your relationship is expansive and romantic. 

You have the opportunity in this relationship to develop a true sense of love between the two of you. With a bit of work, your relationship can feel spiritually enlightened and far-reaching.

With the Venus sextile Jupiter synastry aspect, you can learn how to genuinely care for the other person. You probably feel intense romantic feelings right away, but over time you can expand this attachment into something deep and lasting.

The Jupiter person can open the Venus person’s mind, introducing them to new types of spirituality and philosophy. Meanwhile, the Venus person can provide a strong foundation of romantic love and may improve the social connections of the Jupiter person.

Keep in mind that the Venus sextile Jupiter synastry aspect does take some work. While you have the romantic energy between you when you first meet, you need to push against each other and dig deep in order to creating a truly lasting, attached relationship.

Venus Opposition Jupiter Synastry

With the Venus opposition Jupiter synastry aspect, you probably mask your true selves when you first meet. You each sense that you have found your ideal partner, the person who is everything you’ve ever wanted, and you don’t see the person beyond the mask.

You both wear rose-colored glasses in this relationship, at least during the beginning stages. Over time with the Venus opposition Jupiter synastry aspect, you try to keep the glasses on because the relationship makes you feel good.

This partnership can almost be an addiction. You want the idealized image of the other person, the partner that you saw at first, but this image isn’t real.

Over time, this image will come crashing down. You need to develop a bond that is deeper than your initial attraction, or the relationship won’t last over the long-haul.

You will realize that your partner is a different person from who you thought. With the Venus opposition Jupiter synastry aspect, you may come to see that you have very little in common and have different fundamental values.

These differences can be expectations about social graces, financials, beauty, spiritual values, political beliefs, or simply your morals. 

Often, this relationship simply comes to an end because you are disillusioned. There may be too many differences to handle. 

If you want the Venus opposite Jupiter synastry relationship to work, then you need to lay your differences in the open and accept the other person for who they truly are. Your partner will need to do the same.

You must accept the truth about your relationship. This is very difficult, because the truth won’t give you the same sort of “high” that you experienced around your partner in the beginning.

Learn to give your partner what they need, not what they want, and to see them for who they really are. This is the only way to turn the Venus opposite Jupiter synastry relationship into a long-term partnership.

You must push against each other and communicate in order to resolve your differences. 

Venus Square Jupiter Synastry

If you have the Venus square Jupiter synastry aspect in your relationship, you will sense that there’s something promising about your partner when you first meet.

For both people, it can feel like you’re living in a romance novel, at least in the beginning of your relationship. This feeling actually comes from the sense of friction that the square provides.

The Venus partner feels inspired and romantic around the Jupiter partner. They may be more sexually confident or feel ultra-attractive. They tend to enter into the relationship because of these wonderfully amorous feelings.

Meanwhile, the Jupiter person may feel especially expansive, philosophical, or spiritual around the Venus person.

In the Venus square Jupiter synastry relationship, you both have a tendency to take big risks, but you also experience large disappointments. Around each other, you may exaggerate or make false claims to your partner, or you may overspend, overeat, drink too much, etc.

Regardless of your personal life, these behaviors are heightened when you’re around your partner. It’s hard to control yourselves when you’re together.

The positive, expansive, generous energy from the beginning of the relationship can quickly turn into exaggeration or excess if you aren’t careful. You could take unnecessary risks together, stretch the truth but then keep secrets, or act too loving/touchy at inappropriate times.

With the Venus square Jupiter synastry relationship, you must be careful of your expectations. You both promise more than you can provide and assume that the other person will live up to their words.

Be careful of boasting or showing off. You tend to feel larger then life around each other, but this quickly gets you in trouble.

You may feel a strong sense of disappointment when the relationship doesn’t live up to the image in your mind. Unfortunately, your partner provides false claims that perpetrates this image, and you probably do the same in return.

If this Venus square Jupiter synastry relationship is going to work, then it’s very important that you both learn how to live with your feet on the ground.

You may not be sure what’s real at first, or what part of your partner’s personality is authentic. The way that this manifests will depend on the signs of the Venus square Jupiter synastry aspect.

It’s important that you ground yourself and try to work with your partner within the context of reality. Don’t take what they say and face value and be very careful of your own words, as you’re likely to stretch or change the truth.

Over time, you will learn how to be authentic with each other. This aspect takes a lot of practice to overcome, but it certainly is possible.