A Simple Spell To Make Someone Call You (Or Text You)

spell to make someone call you

Strangely enough, I get requests for a “spell to make someone call you” way more often than I do for general love spells.

I think part of this is because most people want a specific action to happen. Just knowing that someone might love you doesn’t feel concrete enough.

While these spells can be just as tricky and dangerous as love spells, they are possible. Today I’ll go over every aspect of the most effective spell to make someone call you.

How Does This Spell Work?

Much in the way that any other spell works, this spell to make someone call you will only work if your intention is strong enough and you use the right ingredients to release that energy into the Universe.

I’m not going to lie: this is a tough spell to cast. Your intention needs to be really strong to make it work effectively.

The reason that you need such powerful energy is because, most likely if someone isn’t already calling you, their intention is specifically to not call you.

Unlike other spells where there simply is no intention and you create one, you actually need to reverse someone’s intention with the spell to make someone call you.

You’ll need to make sure that you raise quite a bit of energy and direct it successfully. You will also need to control your mind during the spell to ensure that you cast it with just the right intention and thoughts.

Sometimes, a powerful emotion can make your intention stronger. If you feel grief, anger, etc., you can channel that emotion into the spell and raise much more energy than if you felt neutral.

At the same time, you will need to make sure that this emotion doesn’t influence your thoughts or intentions.

For example, you wouldn’t want to be thinking angry thoughts (although the emotion of anger can help you raise more energy) because this might make the person on the receiving end call you angrily.

Can The Spell To Make Someone Call You Backfire?

Short answer: yes.

A lot of times when you casts a spell to make someone call you, the person who ends up calling won’t really want to.

Instead, the individual who you cast the spell on will feel like he/she needs to call you. They might even be a little angry or annoyed by this, so the phone call might not be super pleasant.

Do you ever do something without knowing why you did it? That’s basically how this spell works. You’re creating a lot of unconscious energy that prods someone into picking up the phone without consciously wanting to call you.

Ultimately, there isn’t much you can do to change someone’s actual feelings. A love spell creates infatuation or the illusion of love, but it doesn’t create the real thing.

This spell forces someone to call you, but it doesn’t force them to want to call you.

If you’re on the fence about casting a spell to make someone call you, consider a honey jar spell instead. The person you cast the honey jar spell on will need to have some positive thoughts about you already, but it’s a much more effective spell if you want to create true positive feelings.

If you don’t care about any of this and just want to cast a spell to make someone call you, then go for it! Everyone has different motivations and I’m definitely not judging them as wrong or bad, I’m just giving you the facts.

What About The Rule Of Three?

Some witches believe in the rule of three. This rule is based around the concept of karma and means that any spell you cast will come back on your threefold (three times worse than what you sent out).

Ultimately, this means that any spell you cast with a good intention will come back on you just as much as the spells with bad intentions.

Some witches believe wholeheartedly in this rule, some believe in it to some extent, and some don’t believe in it at all.

I fall somewhere in the middle. I actually have been burned three times from some spells I’ve cast, but I have been totally fine with other spells.

I think it all depends on how much you’re following your gut instinct. Does it feel okay to cast this spell? If it does, I personally think you’ll be fine.

You can also use divination tools (like the pendulum or tarot cards) to make sure that you’re good to go before beginning the spell.

How Long Does This Spell Take To Work?

This is a tough question to answer. A spell to make someone call you is really tricky and depends on so many factors.

I find that if your intention is just right and you raise a huge amount of energy, this spell will theoretically work right away. To do this, you would need to not only be an incredibly strong witch, but you would also need to execute this spell perfectly.

It might take a bit of time for this spell to make someone call you to actually work. It all depends on the intention that you put out and the amount of energy you were able to raise.

So: be patient. This spell could take 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days to work.

Okay, So What If This Spell Doesn’t Work?

A spell might not work for a variety of reasons.

Check out this post here if this spell doesn’t work to try and figure out why.

I do find that most of the time, with this spell to make someone call you, you’ll find that it won’t work either because your intention wasn’t strong enough, or because the other person’s intention was too strong.

If your intention and energy doesn’t outweigh the other person’s then nothing will change. Your spell won’t affect them.

You need to make sure that you raise enough energy to overpower any other intentions in the universe.

If this spell to make someone call you doesn’t work after 7 days, cast it again. You can keep trying until it works. However, I recommend that you figure out why it didn’t work before casting it again so you can make some adjustments.

How To Cast This Spell To Make Someone Call You:

This spell to make someone call you is pretty simple, but you will need a few ingredients to cast it effectively.


  • A bay leaf (or piece of paper)
  • A red candle (you can substitute white if needed)
  • Your cellphone
  • A pen

I like to use a tall candle or chime candle for this spell, but you can also use a tea light candle if that’s all you have.

First, always cast a circle before beginning any spell work. Not only does it protect you from negative entities, but it keeps your energy within the circle, making the spell much stronger.

Once the circle is cast, you’re ready to begin your spell work.

Write down the name of the person (who you wish to call you) on the bay leaf using a marker or a pen, then light the candle.

Turn your phone off and flip it over so you can only see the back. Place the bay leaf on top of your phone.

Gather your energy. It can take 10-15 minutest to gather energy energy for a strong spell, so don’t rush this part. I like to use the candle flame to pull energy from, but this is a personal preference.

When you feel ready, focus on your intention and repeat the following chant:

“The desire is strong
You want to call me
You cannot stop it
Do it
Do it
Do it
So mote it be”

Repeat this chant as many times as you feel is needed. I typically say it only once, but you can say it 3 times, 7 times, or as many times as you’d like.

When you’re done, burn the bay leaf in the candle flame then snuff out the candle; use a snuffer instead of blowing the candle out as that effectively blows your spell out.

The spell to make someone call you is now complete: you can close your circle and turn your phone back on.

Why Use A Candle For A Communication Spell?

Most spells to make someone call you use the element of air. I get it: air means communication and clearly signifies the telephone.

However, I personally don’t find that air is strong enough to change someone’s intention. Instead, I think that you need a forceful and fast-working element. Fire is perfect for this spell.

If you feel really strongly about using the element of air instead of fire, then feel free to change up this spell, however I really recommend using a candle at the minimum.

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