What Your Venus Return Means: Natal + Mundane

venus return in the natal chart

Venus represents love, money, and all things beautiful and creative, so the Venus return is a time when all of these areas of life are enhanced.

What Is A Venus Return?

The Venus return occurs when transiting Venus returns to the same location that it sits in your natal chart. So the sky’s Venus will cross the exact placement of your natal Venus, down to the degrees and minutes.

The Venus return happens in the sign and chart of your natal Venus. To calculate your natal return, simply use any online calculator to figure out when your Venus return will take place.

Venus Return Meaning In The Natal Chart:

In the natal chart, Venus return shows what enjoyments you will experience during a specific period. All the “Venusian” areas of your life will typically blossom, unless your Venus return is badly aspected.

You will find joy from creative pursuits, unexpected monetary gains, and social events. The quality of your relationships will change: this change is usually for the better. The Venus return is a time of letting go of old, stagnant relationships and embracing new ones. However, it can also be a time when your current relationships blossom if they’re on the right track.

Typically, your Venus return will “level up” your current Venus sign. Therefore, it’s important to know everything you can about your natal Venus (the sign, house, and major aspects) in order to accurately analyze your Venus return.

For example, a Venus return in Pisces can indicate increased creativity and spirituality, or even a spiritual awakening. It can also indicate a time when new and expansive ideas take hold, specifically in the house that natal Venus sits in. What your natal Venus indicates, know that your Venus return will take these qualities to the next level.

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Venus Return In The Houses:

The house that your Venus return sits in will show where the most change will take place in your life, or the area of life that will be affected. The sign will simply flavor the way this area is affected. I recommend first looking at the astrological house and then applying the qualities of your Venus sign.

Here’s a quick run-down of what your Venus return may mean in each house. Look at your natal Venus house: this is also where your Venus return will occur.

Venus Return In The 1st House:

You will be noticed by others and will be more attractive to people, especially those you don’t know well. You may experience some kind of physical self-enhancement during this time. You will focus on feeling more beautiful and attractive, whatever that means to you (look at the Venus sign for more information here). This may also be a time of more indulgence than usual in the manner of the Venus sign. For example, those with Venus return in Taurus may spend more money or eat more, while those with Venus return in Sagittarius may drink or do drugs.

Venus Return In The 2nd House:

Your Venus return in the second house means you have the opportunity to grow your material possessions, specifically the possessions that bring you enjoyment or pleasure. This won’t always be massive growth and could be as simple as new decor items, a new tool that you enjoy using, or a different accessory. You will also attract more money through whatever means you use (for example, you may receive bonuses at work or have an easier time selling work if you own your business). On a more evolutionary note, you might figure out what value means to you during this time and shift your perspective on material possessions, leaning towards possessions that bring you true value somehow.

Venus Return In The 3rd House:

The placement indicates more communication about all things Venusian. Your Venus sign may be accentuated in media (including social media), magazines, or communication with others. This is definitely a time of increased communication in general! You will find more pleasure in communication and will have more opportunities to do so. Expect all communications to feel kind of beautiful – you may care more about your words or aesthetics during this transit. You might wish to talk to strangers more often, post on social media more than normal, or take trips. You can also expect these things to be easy and flow. This isn’t necessarily a major placement of the Venus return but does give you an opportunity to get out there and talk to new people. And sometimes, this can work out well for business-related purposes, too.

Venus Return In The 4th House:

This transit will make you want to beautify your home and your private surroundings. You probably won’t care too much about what others see, but you will care about how your home feels to you. You might want to redecorate or change something in your home, or perhaps you want to host parties or have new friends over. You may also take this opportunity to form deeper relationships with the people you live with or with your immediate family. Your values concerning your home and your family may shift during this time, too.

Venus Return In The 5th House:

Venus return in the 5th house indicates a very creative time. However you’re normally creative (look to your Venus sign and other placements in this house), expect that to blossom. You might also find that you have more opportunities to get out in the world and experience pleasure, such as eating out, attending concerts, finding new music, going to an art show, etc. It’s all about pleasure in your life right now in the most classic sense. Your activities will be enhanced.

Venus Return In The 6th House:

With your Venus return in the 6th house, expect to feel better than usual on a physical level. You might change something about your physical body, start a new regimen, adopt a new diet, or somehow level up your physical self. this will be more health-related rather than looks. You will find more pleasure than normal through daily activities such as chores, work, and generally getting things done – this will make you feel good. You also may develop new hobbies or ways of working as you reassess your daily values about the small things in life.

Venus Return In The 7th House:

During this transit, you will probably make new one-on-one connections. For example, you could gain a new business partner, enter into a new relationship, or make a new friend. But this is also an opportunity to reassess your values when it comes to your relationships and partnerships. Do these relationships make you happy? Are they fulfilling your Venusian values? You will feel more loving than normal towards those people who are serving your highest purpose.

Venus Return In The 8th House:

During this time, your sexual relationships will be more intense with a higher frequency.  Your charisma will also be enhanced and you might come off as kind of mysterious or deep. You may enter into these sort of deep relationships or just feel that your current relationship is extremely vast during this time.

Venus Return In The 9th House:

You will feel much closer to the spiritual realm during this time, especially in the manner of your Venus sign. You may engage in more philosophical discussions and see beauty all around you. Depending on your Venus sign, this can be a time of academic creativity. For example, water Venus return signs tend to blossom with creative writing, artwork, or music, but other Venus signs have their own creative edges, too. Even though this article focuses on your Venus return, you will also notice that your mind expands during this time. More Venusian things feel possible and your values may shift as you learn about new cultures and ways of thinking.

Venus Return In The 10th House: 

In the tenth house, your Venus return indicates that everything “Venusian” about you will become more public. If you’re focused on your career, then you may have public success, or perhaps you’re doing something new to your home that will be shared on social media. You’ll definitely be feeling good during this time because others will notice the upgrades happening in your life! Creative ideas for how to uplevel your life will flow through you. While many believe that the tenth house is work-related (and it can be), sometimes, Venus return in the tenth house can just indicate public success in general. Everything will feel more possible and whatever work you’re interested in (whether this is at an office, at your own business, yard work, house work, or your family) will be more visible to others.

Venus Return In The 11th House:

Expect increased socialization during your Venus return in the 11th house. You may happen upon new acquaintances or find new groups to hang out with, especially groups that reflect the sign of your Venus placement. You might also reassess what you value when it comes to social interactions and groups, as well as groups on the collective level. During this period, you will certainly feel like a social butterfly and will come that socializing comes more naturally than usual.

Venus Return In The 12th House:

In the 12th house, your Venus return can be a bit difficult because your ability to express love is hidden. Your affection may feel more…suppressed, than normal. But this isn’t all bad, because this placement is usually about self-love and discovering what spiritual love means to you. It’s a time with the potential for hidden love interests to come into your life (be aware of any affairs or hidden relationships) or for past life partners to show up. Take this period to retreat away from daily life and figure out what your values are when it comes to love and finances, especially concerning self-love.

Aspects To Look For:

Here are some of the aspects that can occur during a Venus return that hold weight.

Venus return conjunct Sun: This placement enhances the effect of your Venus return, making it outwardly focused and powerful. Go for what you want during this time – your charisma is exponential!

Venus return conjunct Mercury: You way of thinking about your relationships, finances, and values may shift during this time. Your mind will logically sort through these Venusian issues. Look to the house/sign of your Venus return to see the specific topics that will be reflected. Take time to journal and sort through your thoughts.

Venus return conjunct Jupiter: This aspect creates a lot of abundance and is very favorable for finances. Not only will your current finances grow through the usual means (work, investments, etc.) but you may also think of new ideas that will serve you well in the future. Venus return conjunct Jupiter is a very creative and fortunate period. This aspect can also indicate new relationships coming into your life (whether romantic or friendships).

Venus return conjunct Saturn: This aspect indicates a time of difficulty in relationships and finances. You may feel restricted or stuck, specifically in the manner of your natal Venus sign/house, as though you can’t move forward in the way you want. You might also feel more cold or emotionless than normal and have trouble relating to others. However, this is a necessary period of introspection and a time to rest instead of expanding. You need to reassess your values and where you put your energy to create the life you want. Sometimes, Venus conjunct Saturn also means that you need to reassess how you see your Venus sign and what you find beautiful.

Venus return conjunct Uranus: During this time, be prepared for your love life and finances to feel a little topsy-turvy. You may have strange events happen romantically – this is certainly a time when a new partner could unexpectedly enter your life. Your values may change drastically or you could suddenly switch jobs. Look to your Venus sign/house to see how this can play out for you. With this aspect, the keywords are sudden and unexpected.

Venus return conjunct Neptune: You may see relationships, beauty, value, and finances through rose-colored glasses during this time. While everything appears beautiful and wonderous during your Venus return, be prepared for a mild let-down when this period is over. Try not to make any irrevocable decisions during this transit. However, you may also experience increased psychism and spiritual awareness. Use this period to level up your spiritual self: you have the opportunity to open new doors into the spiritual realm.

Venus return conjunct Pluto: This aspect indicates a total transformation of your Venusian qualities such as relationships, your financial situation, and your values. While this transformation can be painful, it will also serve to show you what you really value instead of what you’ve been taught to value. Venus return conjunct Pluto cuts all the “fat” out of your Venusian side, allowing you to see what’s real. However, be wary of entering into relationships or contracts that appear controlling or uneven. This is a time to take back your personal power, not give it away.

These are just some examples of how Venus return aspects can play out. Look to any planets that are closely conjunct the Venus return as well as any close oppositions and squares, which indicate blockages to fully expressing your Venus return during this period.

Venus Return In Mundane Astrology:

Mundane astrology is the study of worldwide astrology, typically by using the natal charts of countries, cities, or large groups of people.

When the Venus return transits the natal chart of a country, there is generally a period of increased commerce. Money flows more easily than usual and the people feel encouraged to buy.

The Venus return is also a time when there is increased focus on actors, celebrities, musicians, and influencers. Expect to see announcements of new concerts, TV shows, movies, programs, and anything that can be considered exciting.

For example, the United States’ Venus return coincided with the removal of masks, the opening of restaurants, and the announcement of the return of Coachella. 

The Venus return indicates the expansion of eating out, going to bars, parties, and anything that seems fun and social. 

It also typically indicates that the stock market goes up, though many other aspects must be taken into consideration to determine stock market trends.