The Lunar Witch’s Guide To Moon Spells: Rituals, Manifestation, & More

moon spells, full moon spells, new moon spells

In witchcraft, moon magic is really popular for a reason. Using the power of the moon to cast all types of spells, including moon spells, is extremely effective!

After all, one of the reasons we live cyclically is because of the moon. Even if you aren’t into moon phases or don’t actually notice when there’s a new moon versus a full moon, your body and your emotions definitely know. 

I typically work as an eclectic witch, pulling from both folk magic and traditional magic, but I do consider myself a lunar witch or moon witch too, because I work so closely with the energy of the moon. I find that the moon is incredibly powerful and comforting at the same time, making it the perfect energetic force for both beginner and advanced witches!

Today, I’m sharing everything I know about moon spells and being a moon witch. This post will be about more than just manifestation. Specifically, I’ll go into the various spells, rituals, and manifestation techniques that I use during each moon phase, as well as how to work with the moon and feel closer to its energy in your practice.

Keep in mind that you can cast just about any spell using the power of the moon. Moon magic isn’t limited to spells about the moon. Instead, the idea is that a lunar witch draws on the power of the moon and partners with lunar forces in her craft.

Scroll down to learn all about the different types of moon magic, moon phases, and ways you can work with the moon as a lunar witch on a daily basis!

What Types Of Moon Spells Should You Cast During Each Moon Phase?

If you’re interested in moon magic, the first thing you need to learn about is the moon’s phases. Each moon phase has a specific meaning in witchcraft, but I find that these meanings also extend to every day life, not only spell work.

For example, the new moon is a time for new beginnings. It’s a great night to set your intentions. However, this is relevant to the real world, too. The stock market often begins a new cycle during the full moon, just like you’ll find that you automatically start new endeavors or set things in motion at the same time, even if you didn’t previously realize it was a new moon.

Don’t think that you have to stick to certain kinds of spells based on the moon phase. Ultimately, you should always follow your intuition. I have performed spells that were contradictory to the moon phase and had great results. 

The moon will also be in a different astrological sign every few days, which does effect the energy, regardless of the phase.

However, I find that working with the moon phases is a great place to start if you want to feel like a moon witch. After all, lunar witches are in tune with the cycles of nature, many of which relate to the moon phase cycle.

Dark/New Moon Spells:

The new moon is also called the dark moon, because it’s quite literally the absence of light.

During the new moon, focus on spells that relate to new beginnings, new relationships, and new endeavors. If you want to set an intention, the new moon is the perfect time to do so. 

In general, the new moon is the best time to start something. I’m a huge fan of new moon rituals that set your intentions in motion!

I personally love to write out my affirmations for the moon cycle during the new moon. These are specific things that I want to accomplish or things outside of myself that I want to happen by the full moon. I write these affirmations in the present tense (as though the thing has already happened), then I burn each slip of paper and bury the ashes in a houseplant or outside.

If you choose to do this new moon ritual, I recommend that you write down your intentions somewhere else so that you can check back as part of your full moon ritual and see how many of your intentions came true.

Alternatively, you can set one intention as part of your new moon ritual and create a sigil for your intention. After, you can set out this sigil somewhere you can see it daily, put it under your pillow, draw it on your skin, or carry it with you. 

I also like to make moon water as a part of my new moon ritual. Keep in mind that the moon water will take on the characteristics of the moon sign too (more on that later in this blog post), but it’s a way to harness the moon and can even be used in recurring spells relating to your intentions.

Other types of new moon spells that work well include:

  • Money spells (for changing monetary circumstances)
  • Luck spells
  • New relationship spells
  • New home spells
  • New job spells
  • Fertility spells
  • Honey jar spells

Any moon spell that sets your intentions into motion is perfect for your new moon ritual. Remember, the new moon is all about beginnings. Spells that are already in the works (like a money spell if you simply want to add to your wealth) are better left for the other moon phases.

Waxing Moon Spells:

During the waxing moon phase, you will start to see a sliver of the moon. The moon is visually growing from the new moon (or dark moon) to gain more and more light.

While the new moon was the perfect time to cast new beginnings moon spells, the waxing moon is the perfect time to cast any moon spell that has to do with growth.

If you want to enhance a situation or make it even better, consider casting a spell for this outcome during the waxing moon. For example, the waxing moon is a great time to grow your bank account, enhance your relationships, expand your knowledge, etc.

The waxing moon is also a good time for increased communication, favorable outcomes on legal matters, physical healing, and pregnancy spells.

Other great types of moon spells during the waxing moon include:

  • Glamour spells for enhanced beauty
  • Fertility spells for enhanced fertility
  • Money spells for increased wealth
  • Health spells for better physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional health
  • Spells to enhance relationships
  • Justice and peace spells

I love casting moon spells during the waxing moon because there’s plenty of time to plan (unlike the pressure of the full and new moons when you only have a night or two!). I find that about half my spells are cast during the waxing moon. 

However, I recommend that you look at the astrological sign that the waxing moon is in before casting your spell. A sign like Taurus may be perfect for your money spell, but a sign that Pisces will be much better for an increased divination spell.

Full Moon Spells:

When the moon is full, your magical power is at its peak, just like the moon. This is a great time to cast any seriously large spell. There are so many full moon rituals out there because this one of the best moon phases for magic!

The full moon is an especially great time to cast spells that relate to fulfillment. Let’s say you’ve come 90% of the way on your own, but you can’t seem to get the extra 10% done. A full moon ritual can help with that. This is a time of completion.

Lastly, the full moon is the perfect time to release any harmful or negative thoughts. If you feel like you’re stuck or have baggage holding you back, the energy of the full moon can help you change your mindset. 

Of course, I’m a fan of spells over manifestation (because I think spells are just manifestation x2), so I like to do specific release spells during my full moon ritual.

My favorite full moon spells for release are cord cutting spells. You can cut the cords between yourself and someone else or between yourself and a situation. You can even cut the cords in your head that hold you back when you think of any situation or emotion.

Some of the best moon spells to incorporate into your full moon ritual include:

  • High impact magic
  • Protection spells
  • Love/soulmate spells
  • Energy restoration spells
  • Spells to release negative energy/thoughts
  • Hexes and curses
  • Spells that are dedicated to a specific deity/spirit guide
  • Any spell that requires a lot of strong energy

Overall, the full moon is a great time to cast any spell that you need a lot of energy for. A difficult spell has the best chance of working if it’s cast during your full moon ritual.

When it comes to manifestation, you’ll find that ideas or actions you put in motion during the new moon will come to fruition by the full moon. I recommend looking back on the intentions you set during your new moon ritual to see the outcomes.

Waning Moon Spells:

During the waning moon phase, the moon is steadily shrinking. The waning moon takes the full moon and turns it into a new moon. During the process of the waning moon, you’re watching the moon get smaller and smaller to the human eye.

I find that the waning moon is a perfect time for release and letting go. It’s also a great time to cast any spell that stops an action.

For example, binding spells are perfect for the waning moon. I find that my binding spells are extremely effective during a waning moon, because the energy of the moon’s magic is quite literally shrinking or stopping something from happening.

I love to cast freezer spells during the waning moon. A freezer spell is an extremely simple spell that’s specifically designed to freeze, or stop, a specific action, person or situation. 

Other great moon spells to cast during the waning moon include:

  • Spells pertaining to breakups
  • Spells to release emotions
  • Spells to change bad habits
  • Spells relating to dieting or changing one’s diet
  • Weight loss spells (but be careful – these can backfire!)
  • Binding spells
  • Spells to distance yourself from someone
  • Cleansing rituals
  • Protection spells that create distance/a barrier
  • Spells to release negative energy/thoughts
  • Any spell to stop a specific action

If you’re someone who likes to curse or hex, then the waning moon can be a good time to cast these spells, too.

How To Work With The Moon Like A Moon Witch:

Maybe you came to this blog post to learn how to cast moon spells with the power of the moon. Just following the moon phases alone won’t do it for you.

Luckily, the moon is a strong source of energy that many witches choose to draw upon.

In order to work with the energy of the moon to cast spells, you’ll need to spend some time following the flow of the moon. This means that you must pay special attention to the moon phase and astrology sign and do your best to notice the subtle energetic changes in your life.

You can also meditate to try and connect with the moon. I like to do this before I go to sleep at night. Keep in mind that the moon’s actual energy is different from moon deities (which I’ll talk more about below). You’re specifically trying to connect with the moon’s energy itself.

Once you feel a strong connection with the moon, it’s time to incorporate lunar energy into your spell work. Here are some ways to use the moon during spell casting:

5. Draw Upon The Moon’s Power (Raising Energy)

One of the most simple ways to be a moon witch is to quite literally draw power from the moon.

When you cast a spell, you need to raise energy and draw on a source. There just isn’t enough energy in your body to effect change, plus you’re likely to make yourself sick if you deplete your energy by putting it into your materials.

Instead, it’s important that you learn how to connect with a source that you can draw energy from. Many witches draw from the earth, fire (a candle flame), the wind, from a crystal, a plant, or from spirit guides. However, you can also draw energy from the moon.

For me, moon magic simply means that you’re drawing from the moon or working with the moon in some way. The moon has an enormous amount of energy, so it’s a great source of power once you learn how to connect.

In order to connect with the moon, try doing a meditation. See if you can sense the energy of the moon and feel the phase that the moon is in. The energy will slightly different during each phase and astrological sign, so it’s helpful to look at these specifics before doing your meditation.

Ask the moon to connect with you. Picture energy flowing from the moon into your body. Make sure that you have somewhere to put that energy (you can even send it back to the moon through your fingertips) or you may get overcharged. After, I like to thank the moon for working with me.

You can also do many of the moon witch practices that I’ll list below (such as making moon water, charging your tools in the moonlight, etc.) to connect with the moon. Think of this like a working relationship; no one becomes a lunar witch in one day. It takes time for you to learn the energy of the moon and to build a true connection.

do recommend that you work with the moon during the nighttime, at least at first. Over time, when you’re more sensitive to the lunar energy, you will be able to connect with the moon even when it isn’t visible to the human eye. However, I think that it’s easiest to connect with the moon’s energy at night when you’re just starting out on your path to be a moon witch.

4. Make Moon Water

Moon water is easy to make an automatically connects you or your ritual to the moon. Simply leave out a jar of water (I prefer to use glass, not plastic, but this is a personal preference) in the moonlight and allow the water to absorb the energy of the moon.

Keep in mind that moon water will also hold the energy of the moon sign from that specific night, for good or bad.

You can drink moon water, use it in your bath, or add it into a ritual. When you use moon water, you’re quite literally infusing yourself or your spell with the power of the moon, so it’s a great way to connect with the moon or cast a moon spell.

I recommend that you make moon water during a full moon if possible, but technically, you can make moon water any night of the year. However, you should definitely scroll up to the beginning of this post and read more about the moon’s phases if you’re unfamiliar with these terms.

When you charge your moon water under a moon in a specific phase, it also takes on the energy and intentions of that phase.

3. Charge Your Tools In The Moon’s Light

Just like making moon water, you can also charge your other tools in the moon’s light. Simply leave your tools out overnight and allow them to absorb the energy.

The moon will not only cleanse your tools, but it will also charge them, meaning that they will be activated and hold more power. Again, your tools will be infused with the energy of the astrology sign that the moon is in, so make sure to check a moon sign calendar before you do this.

As a moon witch, one of my favorite ways to charge my tools is under the moon’s light. I find that the energy of the moon is extremely potent but is also quite gentle. Moon magic both charges and cleanses my tools at once. I find that my tools work much more effectively in moon spells if they’ve already had contact with lunar energy previous to casting, too.

2. Make And Charge Sigils With The Moon

If you want to infuse moon magic into your every day life, try creating a sigil during a specific moon phase. For example, you could create a sigil out of your new moon ritual intention, or a sigil of release during your full moon ritual.

After I create my sigil, I leave it out to charge under the moon. I then either place my sigil in a spot where I can see it every day (or at least during the moon cycle), or I carry it on my person.

This is an easy way to connect with the energy of the moon and manifest your intention.

1. Work With Moon Deities

If you’re serious about being a lunar witch then you may want to consider working with moon deities. A beginner moon witch should spend more time working with the energy of the moon itself (at least until you know how to actually connect with the moon), but once you feel comfortable with lunar vibrations, think about how it would feel to try and contact a lunar deity.

There are many different moon deities in different religions/set of beliefs. In fact, there’s too many deities to list!

Here are some of the most common moon deities who you may want to research.

  • Artemis (Greek)
  • Selene (Greek)
  • Yah (Egyptian)
  • Heng-o (Chinese Moon Fairy)
  • Cerridwen (Celtic)
  • Mawu (African)
  • Diana (Roman)
  • Bendis (Thracian)
  • Ix Chel (Mayan)
  • Khonsu (new moon god, Egyptian)
  • Thoth (full moon god, Egyptian)

I personally work with Lilith (a dark goddess), and while she isn’t specifically a moon goddess, she loves the dark moon. Check out more about Black Moon Lilith astrology here and see if she resonates with you.

The Greek goddess Nyx is also an interesting goddess to work with if you’re interested in moon magic. She’s actually the goddess of the night, but she does fly across the sky and has quite a bit to do with lunar power.

Ultimately, you should do research and see what deity resonates with you. Remember that working with a deity isn’t like a relationship with a spirit guide. You’ll need to put in a lot of work and read the more subtle signs that the deity sends you.

So there you have it: everything you need to know to be a moon witch! I hope this blog post helps you get on the right track when it comes to moon magic and moon spells.

Remember that you can be a moon witch/lunar witch even if you practice other types of witchcraft, too. Most witches work with the moon for a reason! The power of the moon is truly incredible and is both strong and gentle at the same time.

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